Baker Bowl


First and Figures


  • Status: Demolished in 1950
  • Address: Area - West Lehigh Ave., North 15th Street, West Huntingdon Street and North Broad Street


Capacity: 18,000 (early); 18,800 (final)


  • Cost to construct: $80,000
  • Architect: N/A
  • Former Naming: National League Park, Huntingdon Street Baseball Grounds


The Field


  • Playing Surface: Grass
  • Defining Feature: Small dimensions of playing field, including short right field wall with a 40-foot-high fence. Called "The hump" because it was built on ground raised over a railroad tunnel. Red Smith once commented: "It might be exaggerating to say the outfield wall cast a shadow across the infield, but if the right fielder had eaten onions at lunch, the second base-men knew it."
  • Dimensions (ft) Initial distance in parenthesis


      Left Field: (335)   341  Fence - 12 ft

      Left Center:  N/A

      Center Field: 408 Fence - 35 ft

      Right Center: 300

      Right Field:  (272) 280 Fence 40 feet


  • Opening Date:  May 2, 1887
  • Opponent & Results: Philadelphia Phillies 19, New York Giants 10
  • Attendance:  20,000
  • First Hit: Ed Andrews, Philadelphia

Hosted Events

  • World Series: 1915



Baker Bowl, Ball Parks of Yesterday, Philadelphia Phillies


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