Camden Yards

First and Figures

Status: Home of Baltimore Orioles

Address:  333 West Camden Street, Baltimore, MD  

Capacity: 48,190

Cost to construct:  $110 Million

Architect: Janet Smith

Owner: City of Baltimore


The Field

Playing Surface: Grass

Defining Feature:  The warehouse behind Center and Right field. It was built with shatter proof windows, but only 1 ball has actually hit the building in 19 years and is was in homerun derby during the All-star game. 

Dimensions (ft) Initial distance in parenthesis

   Left Field:          333

   Left Center:       364

   Center Field:      410 

   Right Center:     373

   Right Field:        318


Opening Day and Firsts

Opening Date:  April 6, 1992

Opponent: Cleveland Indians 

Results:  Orioles 2, Cleveland 0

Attendance:  44,568


Umpires: Larry Barnett, Greg Kosc, Dale Ford, Al Clark

Managers: Johnny Oates, Orioles; Mike Hargrove, Indians

Starting Pitchers: Rick Sutcliffe, Orioles; Charles Nagy, Indians

Ceremonial Pitch: President George H. Bush



Batter: Kenny Lofton (fly out)

Hit: Paul Sorrento (single)

Run: Sam Horn

RBI: Chris Hoiles

Single: Paul Sorrento

Double: Chris Hoiles

Triple: Cal Ripken (04/17/1992)

Home Run: Paul Sorrento (04/08/1992)

Grand Slam: Randy Milligan (04/17/1992)

IPHR: Butch Davis (08/22/1993)

Stolen Base: Mark Lewis (04/09/1992)

Sacrifice Hit: Billy Ripken

Sacrifice Fly: Cal Ripken (04/19/1992)

Cycle: Aubrey Huff (06/29/2007)


Win: Rick Sutcliffe

Loss: Charles Nagy

Shutout: Rick Sutcliffe

Save: Gregg Olson (04/19/1992)

Hit by Pitch: Dave Otto hit Randy Milligan (04/08/1992)

Wild Pitch: Dave Otto (04/08/1992)

Balk: Gene Harris (05/01/1992)

No-Hitter: Hideo Nomo (04/04/2001)


Hosted Events

World Series:  0

All Star Games:  1993

Baltimore Orioles, Cal Ripken, Jr., Oriole Park at Camden Yards


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