Candlestick Park

First and Figures

Status: Home of San Francisco 49ers

Address: 02 Jamestown, Ave, San Francisco, CA

Capacity: 43,765 (opening day), 57,546 (final)

Cost to construct:  $15 Millin; $16 Million renovations

Architect:  John Bolles

Owner: City of San Francisco

Former Naming:  3 Com Park, Monster Park


The Field

Playing Surface: Grass 60 - 70, Truf 71 - 78, Grass present

Defining Feature: The weather

Dimensions (ft) Initial distance in parenthesis

Left Field:  335 (330)

Left Center:  365 (397)

Center Field:   400 (420)

Right Center:  365 (397)

Right Field:  328 (330)


Opening Day and Firsts

Opening Date:  April 21, 1960

Opponent: St. Louis Cardinals

Results:  Giants 3 Cardinals 1

Attendance:  42,269

First Hit: Bill white(cardinals, single)

Winning Pitcher: Sam jones

Losing Pitcher: Lary Jackson


Umpires: Jocko Conlan, Augie Donatelli, Ken Burkhart, Ed Vargo

Managers: Bill Rigney, Giants; Solly Hemus, Cardinals

Ceremonial Pitch: San Francisco Mayor George

Christopher and Richard Nixon



Hosted Events

World Series:  1962, 1989

All Star Games:  1861, 1984



1962 World Series, 1989 World Series, Ball Parks of Yesterday, Baseball History, Candlestick Park, San Francisco Giants


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