Ebbets Field

First and Figures:

Status: Demolished in 1960, Ebbets Apartments built

Address: 55 Sullivan Place

Capacity: 18,000 (original) 31,000 final

Cost to construct:   $750,000

Architect:   Clarence, Randall Van Buskirk

Owner: Charlie Ebbets/Brooklyn Dodgers Baseball Club


The Field:

Playing Surface: Grass

Defining Feature: The Right Field Wall, 39 feet high. The famous rotunda when you entered the park.

Dimensions (ft) Initial distance in parenthesis

Left Field:       351 (419)

Left Center:   351 (423)

Center Field:   389 (450)

Right Center: 344 (350)

Right Field:     297 (350)


Opening Day and Firsts

Opening Date:  April 9, 1913

Opponent:   Philadelphia Phillies

Results:   Phillies 1, Dodgers 0

Attendance:   6,702

Umpires: Bill Klem, Al Orth

Managers: Bill Dahlen, Superbas; Red Dooin, Phillies

Starting Pitchers: Nap Rucker, Superbas; Tom Seaton, Phillies

Ceremonial Pitch: Brooklyn Borough President Alfred E. Steers 

Batting Firsts:

Batter: Dode Paskert (single)

Hit: Dode Paskert (single)

Run: Otto Knabe

RBI: Mickey Doolan (04/18/1913)

Single: Dode Paskert

Double: Otto Knabe

Triple: Hans Lobert (04/19/1913)

Home Run: Casey Stengel (04/26/1913)

Grand Slam: Ed Konetchy (08/03/1914)

IPHR: Casey Stengel (04/26/1913)

Stolen Base: Jake Daubert

Sacrifice Hit: Sherry Magee

Sacrifice Fly: Mickey Doolan (04/18/1913)

Cycle: Dave Robertson (08/30/1921)


Win: Tom Seaton

Loss: Nap Rucker

Shutout: Tom Seaton

Hit by Pitch: Red Ames hit George Cutshaw (04/30/1913)

Wild Pitch: Tom Seaton

Balk: George Suggs (05/10/1913)

No-Hitter: Dazzy Vance (09/13/1925)



Hosted Events

World Series: 1916, 1920, 1941, 1947, 1949, 1952, 1953, 1955, 1956

All Star Games: 1949


Ball Park Lasts:


Game: 09/24/1957 Pirates 0, Dodgers 2

Umpires: Augie Donatelli, Vic Delmore, Vinnie Smith, Jocko Conlan, Ed Sudol

Managers: Walter Alston, Dodgers; Danny Murtaugh, Pirates

Starting Pitchers: Danny McDevitt, Dodgers; Bennie Daniels, Pirates

Attendance: 6,702


Batter: Dee Fondy (ground out)

Hit: Don Zimmer (single)

Run: Gino Cimoli

RBI: Gil Hodges

Single: Don Zimmer

Double: Don Zimmer

Triple: Granny Hamner (09/20/1957)

Home Run: Duke Snider (09/22/1957)

Grand Slam: Gil Hodges (07/18/1957)

IPHR: Dale Long (08/28/1957)

Stolen Base: Gil Hodges (09/22/1957)

Sacrifice Hit: Danny McDevitt

Sacrifice Fly: Stan Lopata (09/20/1957)

Cycle: Ralph Kiner (06/25/1950)


Win: Danny McDevitt

Loss: Bennie Daniels

Shutout: Danny McDevitt

Save: Dick Ferrell (09/21/1957)

Hit by Pitch: Warren Hacker hit Roy Campanella (09/20/1957)

Wild Pitch: Johnny Podres (09/21/1957)

Balk: Hersh Freeman (06/07/1957)

No-Hitter: Sal Maglie (09/25/1956)


Putout: Gil Hodges

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