The Kingdome


First and Figures

  • Status: Demolished in 2000
  • Address: site of Qwest Field
  • Capacity: 59,166

Cost to construct:  $67 Million

  • Architect:  Naramore, Skilling & Praeger

The Field

Playing Surface: Astro Turf

Defining Feature: Dangling Speakers, considered in play and we struck many times. 

Dimensions (ft) Initial distance in parenthesis 

Left Field:  331 (315)

Left Center: 376 (375)

Center Field: 405

Right Center: 352 (375)

Right Field: 312 (315)


Opening Day and Firsts

Opening Date: April 6, 1977

Opponent: California Angels

Results:  Angels 7 - Mariners 0

Attendance:  57,762

First Hit: Don Baylor (double), Angels

Winning Pitcher: Frank Tanana

Losing Pitcher: Diego Segui 


Hosted Events

World Series: 0

All Star Games:  1979


Other Kingdome Firsts
Umpires: Bill Haller, Bill Kunkel, Ron Luciano, Ken Kaiser
 Managers: Darrell Johnson, Mariners, Norm Sherry, Angels
 Starting Pitchers: Diego Segui, Mariners, Frank Tanana, Angels
 Ceremonial Pitch: U.S. Senator Henry Jackson
  Batter Jerry Remy (walk)
  Run Jerry Remy
  RBI Don Baylor
  Single Jose Baez
  Double Don Baylor
  Triple Rod Carew (04/11/1977)
  Home Run Joe Rudi
  Grand Slam Joe Rudi (04/10/1977)
  IPHR Ruppert Jones (08/06/1977)
  Stolen Base Jerry Remy
  Sacrifice Hit Jerry Remy
  Sacrifice Fly Dave Chalk (04/07/1977)
  Cycle Jack Brohamer (09/24/1977)
  Win Frank Tanana
  Loss Diego Segui
  Shutout Frank Tanana
  Save John Montague (04/09/1977)
  Hit by Pitch Wayne Simpson hit Craig Reynolds (04/09/1977)
  Wild Pitch Glenn Abbott (04/07/1977)
  Balk Stan Thomas (04/08/1977)
  No-Hitter Randy Johnson (06/02/1990)
Kingdome Lasts
Game: 06/27/1999
 Results: Rangers 2, Mariners 5
Umpires: Brian O'Nora, Jim Joyce, Eric Cooper, Jim McKean
Managers: Lou Piniella, Mariners; Johnny Oates, Rangers
Starting Pitchers: Freddy Garcia, Mariners; Aaron Sele, Rangers
Attendance: 56,530
  Batter: Rusty Greer (fly out)
  Hit: David Bell (single)
  Run: David Bell
  RBI: Edgar Martinez
  Single: David Bell
  Double: John Mabry
  Triple: Brian Hunter
  Home Run: Ken Griffey, Jr.
  Grand Slam: Butch Huskey (05/17/1999)
  IPHR: Dan Wilson (05/03/1998)
  Stolen Base: Ken Griffey, Jr.
  Sacrifice Hit: John Mabry (06/26/1999)
  Sacrifice Fly: Ivan Rodriguez (06/25/1999)
  Cycle: Jay Buhner (06/23/1993)
  Win: Freddy Garcia
  Loss: Aaron Sele
  Shutout: Jeff Fassero, Jose Paniagua (05/19/1999)
  Save: Jose Mesa
  Hit by Pitch: Ryan Glynn hit Dan Wilson (06/25/1999)
  Wild Pitch: Jose Paniagua (06/24/1999)
  Balk: Dan Perkins (05/18/1999)
  No-Hitter: Chris Bosio (04/22/1993)
  Putout Brian Hunter
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