When occured: 
Sat, 1877-10-27

The Louisville club formally expels Jim Devlin‚ Hall‚ and Nichols for selling games and tampering with other players‚ and expels Craver for "disobedience to positive orders." Their remaining 1877 salaries‚ which the Louisville team acknowledged‚ are "forfeited". Nichols‚ the exposed go-between who had been dropped by Pittsburgh (International Association) earlier in the year for trying to bribe pitcher Pud Galvin‚ left town weeks earlier. Craver will deny any wrongdoing but refused to make public his telegrams. Devlin and Hall received $75.00 and $25.00 respectively in the mails. While this was going on‚ Devlin forwarded an eviction notice from his landlord to the Louisville club for $150.00‚ which the team ignored despite owing Devlin $470 salary. Devlin's testimony also stated that Louisville paid umpire Dan Devinney extra to deliver about 20 victories this year to the team‚ but Louisville directors said that "that part of Devlin's testimony was a lie." After the season rules are changed as to how each team picked umpires for home games (as noted by Frank Vacarro).

Al Nichols, Jim Devlin, Louisville Buckeyes, Pud Galvin


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