When occured: 
Wed, 1989-08-23

1989 - Rick Dempsey homers off Dennis Martinez in the top of the 22nd inning to break up a scoreless tie and give the Dodgers a 1 - 0 win over the Expos. The game features one thumbing - the umps toss the Expos mascot Youppi! in the 11th for annoying Tommy Lasorda - and he then returns in the 13th wearing pajamas. He carries a pillow and sleeps on the home dugout roof, where the umps have restricted him. In the 16th, Larry Walker apparently scores the game-winner, but the Dodgers appeal - with two umps in the tunnel - and get the play revesed. Eddie Murray in the 18th moves the second base ump and slams a drive that Walker traps off the padding in RF. Fans stand for three "seventh-inning stretches" during the major-league record (in time, and for a 1 - 0 game) 6 hours, 14 minute game. Other club records are set and several major league records are noted: most innings (22) without a walk by the Expos tops the Pirates (who used one pitcher) against the Giants, July 17, 1914.

Dennis Martinez, Eddie Murray, Larry Walker, Los Angeles Dodgers, Montreal Expos, Rick Dempsey, Tommy Lasorda
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