Happy Birthday "Yaz"

Happy Birthday "Yaz"

Captain Carl Yastrzemski

Happy Birthday "Yaz"

Boston Red Sox Carl Yastrzemski got his left field job from Ted Williams at the start of the 1961 season.  Yastrzemski played well for Boston his first six years in the American League, winning a batting title and being named to three All-Star teams.  Nevertheless, his inability to perform at the same lofty level that Williams reached during his remarkable career often left Yastrzemski feeling frustrated, dejected, and reviled.  Frequently booed by the Fenway faithful, the young outfielder led a rather turbulent existence his first few years in Boston.  It wasn't until 1967, when Yastrzemski captured the American League triple crown and put together one of the finest all-around seasons in league history, that he was fully accepted by the fans in Boston.  From that point on, Yaz reached a level of popularity in Beantown that few other athletes have ever approached. 



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Monday, 22 Aug 2011

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