How Important is an Ace on a Bad Team?

Have you ever seen a terrible movie only because it had one of your favorite actors or actresses in it? I have, mostly the latter.  Let's take Rose Byrne, Happy Birthday by the way.   She may not be on the tip of your mind as to who she is, but if you’ve paid any attention to recent movie you’d recognize her.  I can’t think of how many movies I’ve seen just because Rose and her adorable Australian accent are in it.  Some of them great, I think I’ve seen “Get Him to the Greek” 15 times, “28 Weeks Later” is great, I’ve heard amazing things about Bridesmaids.  Others not so much, a couple weeks back I watched “I Captured the Castle”.  It wasn’t terrible, but a romantic movie set in 1930’s England isn’t really my cup of tea.  But you know what? I’d watch it again.  I’d watch "Insidious" again.  You know why? Rose Byrne. If they made a movie where Rose Byrne sat around and just read rejected scripts, I would watch it.. I’d probably buy the DVD too.

Jackie Q - Rose Byrne

(OK, maybe more than 15 times)

Now it goes for female fans too.  I can’t even count the number of Bradley Cooper movies I’ve sat through with a girl. Have you even see “All About Steve”? Exactly!

All About Steve

(Worse than seeing this movie, is admitting that I saw this movie)

Despite being in some bad movies, these people draw in the box office. Why? They are stars.  People like stars.  Is it worth casting a star in a bad movie?  "Jonah Hex", despite having Josh Brolin, John Malkovich, and Megan Fox lost 36 million dollars in the box office.

Megan Fox Jonah Hex

(You're going to tell me that this movie bombed?)

What about aces in baseball?  Is it worth having an ace if your team can’t score runs?   Aren’t you just wasting their talent and you’re window to capitalize from it. I’m talking about Seattle specifically.   Yesterday Seattle lost it’s 15th game in a row, despite having Felix Hernandez and Michael Pineda starting 3 times each in that span.  Offensively the Mariners rank 30th in baseball in runs (332), OBP (.289), and batting average (.226),  and they rank 29th in slugging (.334).  What good is having Felix if the team isn’t scoring him runs?   What good were his 13 wins last year if the team only won 61 games? I think it’s time to trade him.


Arrested Development



Let’s take a second to look at when the Indians traded Bartolo Colon to the Expos.   In 2002 the Indians traded Colon, future Cy Young winner, and Tim Drew, once high prospect then turned reliever for Lee Stevens, and prospects Brandon Phillips, Grady Sizemore, and Cliff Lee.   I think we know what those players turned into.

Colon Expos

(Long live the Expos)

Let’s just pretend that the Mariners decided to trade Felix and Figgins (make them take that contract) to the Yankees for Jesus Montero, Manny Banuelos, Brett Gardner and Ivan Nova.

I’ve heard scouts knocking Montero saying that he won’t be able to catch in the bigs, I’ve also heard that his hitting isn’t progressing like they’d hope.  But ideally, at his peak, maybe he could reach what Victor Martinez is. At worst, he could DH. I think Banuelos is the real stud in the deal.

The Mariners have strong youth at 1B and 2B with  Smoak and Ackley.  In addition, next year they could have Montero DHing and playing some games at catcher, Ichiro in RF and Gardener in CF.   Besides Gardner and Ichiro, those guys are under team control for many years. Their rotation could have both Pineda and Banuelos.  Who says in three years that those two couldn’t become CC and Felix.  With the low team salary and the money traded away with Figgins and Felix, the Mariners could afford to offer Aramis Ramirez or Jose Reyes and large contract.  If they sign Reyes and get a mid level 3B and LF, they’d have a pretty solid lineup. They also have Nick Franklin, a 20 year old SS. The final move they make should be to trade Bedard, Vargas, Fister, and League.  Try to fill the vacant line up spots with youth, fill the bullpen, and add a couple starting pitchers.

They probably wouldn’t make the playoffs next year, but they wouldn’t be too many years away.  Living in Boston, I wouldn’t want this trade to happen with the Yankees, but it’s just one example.

Now if you don’t mind me, I’ll take one ticket for "Bridesmaids" please.

Rose Byrne
By Mike Lavery
Monday, 25 Jul 2011


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