Mike’s Mailbag 10-3

Mike’s Mailbag 10-3

Mike's Mailbag

Mike’s Mailbag 10-3

After a great weekend of baseball, I take a look at some of the biggest questions on our minds

Best playoff matchups, the fumble that wasn’t, Ozzie's new job, fantasy names, Matt Moore, and the Nard Dog.  Should Ozzie Guillen be the new boss at Dunder Mifflin?

Noel: How do you think the matchups worked out?  Who’s going to win each?

I think the AL worked out pretty well.  The Rays great pitching against the Rangers great lineup.  I expect the Rays to win that series.  I warned all of the Yankee fans cheering on the Rays to be careful what they wish for.  The Yankees and Tigers could go either way.  It’s a great matchup when it comes to two top aces.  I’m not sure who the rain-out benefitted more?  Who ever wins tonight will win the series.  I know that’s simple to say, but both teams are throwing their best.  With the NL, I’m disappointed with the matchups.  I want to root for the underdogs so I wish Milwaukee and Arizona weren’t facing each other this round.  Milwaukee will win and I expect the Phillies to as well.


Greg, NJ: Did Victor Cruz fumble?

Victor Cruz FumbleI hate his question. It a technicality, He physically fumbled – He went down untouched and lost the ball.  The rule says that if a player gives himself up the play stops.  So it’s up to the ref to decide if he gave himself up.  We’ve says plays like this before that have been called fumbles.  WE seen people give themselves up, get up and celebrate and the play is still live.  So I feel like it should have been a fumble.  They were too strict on a rule that is rarely enforced.  But I can’t complain about the call.

Bryan, Miami:  Is Ozzie Guillen a fit with the Marlins?

Hanley Ramirez BenchedIt’s weird, I think he will be loved in Miami and he might fill a couple seats (as many as a manger can?).  But let’s think about how the management feels about Logan Morrison tweeting – How will they feel about Ozzie tweeting?  What about Ozzie just going off?  That won’t be a good fit.  What about their biggest star, Hanley Ramirez?  Hanley is a diva - He needs to be babied.  Some players need positive reinforcement, some need negative – I’m not sure what Hanley needs, but negative surely doesn’t work.  Ozzie is negative.  We’ve seen Hanley get disciplined and respond negatively.   How many times can Ozzie call out Hanley before he loses him?

KC: It’s kind of late, but I need a fantasy team name.

Here are some of the ones I have used this year.  “Wittens Inspired By Wittens”, “Hines Your Kids, Hines Your Wife”, “Mark Sanchez Prom Party”, My roommate is using “Mega Starks vs Giant Hawktopus”, all the other ones I like I probably can’t write here?

Who had the most impressive performance this weekend?

There were a lot.  Scherzer pitched a great game, but I have to go with Matt Moore.  I am a believer in Matt Moore in the long-run, but I didn’t expect it this postseason.  In only his 4th MLB appearance, against the Rangers lineup, he pitched 7 scoreless innings – Giving up 2 hits, 2 walks and struck out 6.  I actually thought that the Rays having to start David Price to end the season would put them at a big disadvantage, I mean it still might, but so far, so good.

What do you think of Andy Bernard as the boss on the Office?

Nard Dog TattooThe Nard Dog was already my favorite character and his character is taking on the biggest role now and his character will have the most development.  So far, I like the change.  I think he’s too loveable to fail in the big picture, but they still find comedy in his failure.  I  find the Erin relationship a dynamic that interests me.  Speaking of relationships, I haven’t liked Jim’s character in years.  Once he got the girl, his humor has taken a dive.  He was a fun loving young guy who was just biding his time until he found his career, now this is his career.  He became responsible, became a boss, became a husband, a father – So long are the days of putting Dwight’s things in Jell-O.
What do you think about the office?  Who should be the new boss?  What teams are advancing to the next round? Any good fantasy team names?  Let me know
By Mike Lavery
Monday, 3 Oct 2011

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