MLB Costumes

Halloween will be here before you know it.  If you want to go as your favorite MLB player, we are here to help.

If  you’re like me, you like baseball and you like to drink.   Lucky for us, it’s October, the month of playoff baseball and Halloween.  I’ve never been one to spend money on costumes; so here are some great baseball costume ideas that won’t cost you much money, especially if you have clothes representing MLB.

Tim Lincecum

  • Giants hat.
  • Wear a long dark win.
  • Carry a baseball glove.
  • Smoke a joint.
If you’re hardcore: Get contacts that make your eyes bloodshot.
Tim Lincecum

Barry Bonds

  • Wear a Giants shirt.
  • Stuff your shirt with things to make you look buff.
  • Carry around syringes.
  • Act pompous.
If you’re hardcore: Find a way to make your head look 8 sizes too big. 
Barry Bonds before and after

Jordan Schafer

  • No matter what you do, no one will know who you are.
  • Let your hair get shaggy.
  • Hand out Peanut Butter Cups.
If you’re hardcore: Explain to every single person at the party who Jordan Schafer is.
Jordan Schafer

George Steinbrenner (from Seinfeld)

  • So this was my costume last year, and it’s still relevant and super easy.
  • Print out these two pictures of George Costansa.
  • Glue them back to back on cardboard with a popsicle stick sticking out of the bottom.
  • When people ask what you are hold out the picture and have them look over your shoulder like the camera shot from Seinfeld.
If you’re hardcore: Put makeup on your face and go as Zombie Steinbrenner.
(This picture is me from last year)
Steinbrenner costume

Manny Ramirez

  • Get dreaded wig.
  • Dodgers Bandana.
  • Do a lot of two-handed points.
  • Carry a syringe - Don’t worry about hiding it.
If you’re late to the party just tell people that your 8th grandmother died.

Steroids Needle

  • Buy a needle costume…
(This isn't what I meant, but I'll take it)
syringe costume


  • Put on some sort of Yankee thing.
  • Cover every inch of your body in money.
  • Act like a D-Bag.
If you’re hardcore: Carry around a centaur painting of yourself.
arod cigar
Arod Centaur

Miguel Cabrera

  • Wear a Tigers hat.
  • Drink.
  • Drink more.
  • Drink some more.
  • Drink.
  • Apologize for drinking so much.
  • Drink.
  • Drink some more.
If you’re hardcore: Drink more.
Miguel Cabrera drunk

Ozzie Guillen

  • Wear a Marlins jacket.
  • Talk over everyone else.
  • Argue with every one.
  • Yelling is ok too.
  • Tweet mean things about everyone else at the party.
If you’re hardcore: Make a fake twitter account for this, and learn everyone’s twitter address so they will all know you are tweeting about them.
Ozzie Guillen

Jose Canseco

  • Wear a random baseball hat.
  • Cheat at every drinking game.
  • Call everyone else out on cheating.
If you’re hardcore: Get in a boxing match out of nowhere.
Jose Canseco

Bartolo Colon

  • Get new stem cells.
  • Take steroids.
  • Go to a party at a friends house that you haven’t talk to in years.
  • Start off being the life of the party.
  • Over stay your welcome.
If you’re hardcore: Gain a lot of weight.
Bartolo Colon

Derek Jeter

If you’re hardcore: Date every hot chick at the party.
Penis costume

John Lackey (Very Similar to the ARod) 

  • Carry around bags of money.
  • Act like an a-hole.
If you’re hardcore: Blame your a-holeness on everyone else.
John Lackey

Josh Beckett 

  • Wear a Red Sox hat.
  • Drink at inappropriate times.
If you’re hardcore: Keep bringing up how great you were that one Halloween in 2003.
Josh Beckett

Diamondback fan

  • Make a really super awesome costume.
  • Don’t spend a lot of money on it.
  • Have no one talk about it.
If you’re hardcore: Find a store that actually sells Diamondback things.
Diamondback fan

Yankee fan

  • Spend the most money on your costume.
  • Don't watch games.
  • Still talk trash.
If you’re hardcore: Talk trash to someone who spent less on their costume.
Yankee Fans

West coast fan

  • Wear tons and tons of things supporting your love of the team.
  • Show up late to the party.
  • Leave early.
If you’re hardcore: Name three players on the Dodgers.
Empty Dodger Stadium

Phillies fan

  • Spend a lot of money on your costume.
  • Act like an underdog who can’t afford nice things.
  • Buy expensive drinks.
If you’re hardcore: Complain that the Yankee fan spent too much.
Phillies fan tased

Red Sox fan 

  • Tell everyone how your costume is going to be the best costume ever assembled.
  • Never show up to the party.

If you’re hardcore: Show up really late. Be the life of the party. As soon as everyone notices how great you are leave.

Red Sox kid fan

Rays fan

  • Actually I've never seen one before - You'd have a better chance at seeing a leprechaun riding a unicorn.
  • Instead of spending money on a coustume, buy a ticket to a game for the first time
  • Prevent your team from getting retracted. Please!

If you're hardcore: Buy a ticket package.

Tampa fan

Mark Cuban

  • Sit outside the party.
  • Keep asking the host if you’re allowed in yet.  The host keeps saying no because you’re far too much fun and too exciting for the parry he has in mind.
If you’re hardcore: Wear a Mavericks championship ring.
Mark Cuban DWTS
Bonus costume

LeBron James

  • Wear a Heat jersey.
  • Wear a headband.
  • Cry.
If you're hardcore: Recede your hairline.
Lebron James crying
If you have any costume ideas send them to
By Mike Lavery
Wednesday, 5 Oct 2011

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