Potential Waiver Moves That Could Make a Difference.

Potential Waiver Moves That Could Make a Difference.

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Potential Waiver Moves That Could Make a Difference.

As the waiver deadline nears there are some players who have cleared waivers that could make a difference for a team in the playoffs.  

It’s time to play GM and see which players would make the most sense to pick up and where they could go.

Chris Capuano – The Yankees could really use another starter.  If he goes to the Yanks, he won’t even have to pack his bags.

Bronson ArroyoBronson Arroyo – I think he would be happy to go back to Boston.  The only stipulation is that the braids need to come back too.

Angel Pagan – He would be a great fit for the Indians.  He’s cheap enough and can add a decent bat.  I’m not sure if the Mets would want to trade him.

Johnny Damon – I think the best fit would be the Yankees.  He could be their starting DH and back up corner outfield once in a while.  If he can still play the outfield consistently the Indians could use his bat even more.

Alfonso Soriano – Probably a runner up to Damon, he could be a fit to return to the Yankees.  Soriano could be their full-time DH.  He doesn’t have much to add in the field anymore and he’s never seen a pitch he didn’t like.  He could also be a fit for the Indians.

Carlos Lee – He could do for the Giants what Aubrey Huff did for them last year.  Although he’s having a down year, he could be one of the more dangerous bats in the lineup.

Jason Vargas – Out of all the teams in the hunt, I think the Diamondbacks could use him the most.  Would you trust Saunders and Collmenter in the playoffs?

Mike Gonzalez – He could go to any team, but he would have the most impact on the Phillies or White Sox.  He has closer experience and has been good against lefties.

Lance BerkmanLance Berkman – I’ve heard talk about Texas having interest.  I think the Giants could use him more, even though they have a plethora of 1B/OF hybrids.  The Rangers are worried about Nelson Cruz’s health.  Berkman has said that he would like playing in St. Louis next year, so maybe the Cards can get a little something for him and still get him to return next year.

Ryan Theriot -  Craig Counsell has had some clutch hits in his life, but I think Theriot will be a nice upgrade over Counsell for the Brewers.  He could even eclipse Jerry Hairston as the starter at second base.

David DeJesus – The Red Sox.  Josh Reddick has been playing well in right but they could use some insurance.  For years the Sox and DeJesus have been linked in rumors.

Jason Bay – Bay has the potential to add pop to any lineup.  

He’s still got some money owed to him and can’t add much in the field.  Getting out of Citi Field might boost his bat.  The Giants, Indians, and White Sox could use him but will any be willing to pay him?  It's a lot for the White Sox to pay if he's just a fill in.

Hideki MatsuiHideki Matsui - Giants, Indians and White Sox could all use the OF bats, the same teams as Bay.   Matsui is cheaper than Bay, but his play in the field is worse.

Willie Harris – The Braves probably wouldn’t deal with the Mets but he would be a good fit for Atlanta, especially with Chippers injuries as of late.

Ted Lilly -  Giving up a large percentage of fly balls, there are some teams that should stay away, like the Yankees and Diamondbacks.  He could be a solid contribution to the Indians.  They just gave up a ton for Ublaldo but Lilly shouldn’t cost them that much.

Aramis Ramirez & David Wright both cleared waivers but I don’t expect either to be dealt.  If either of them were, they’d be the best bats on the market.

By Mike Lavery
Monday, 29 Aug 2011

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