Red Sox Owner demands interview at Radio station!

Just when you think the drama in Boston is calming down for a day, majority owner John Henry drove to 98.5 the Sports Hub to demand a on air interview. He felt he and the team were being treated unfairly by the stations hosts, while they were discussing the wednesday article in the Boston Globe.

From the Boston Globe:

On the antics in the clubhouse: "If Dustin Pedroia didn't know, how were we supposed to know? Told by Felger that Pedroia was lying, Henry shot back, "You don't know Dustin very well."

On the team's September collapse: "What happened is that our starting pitchers had a 7.08 ERA. ... It was all seven of these guys. ... I didn't see one player out there who wasn't busting his ass to try and win games."

On Josh Beckett: "He's one of the most competitive guys I've ever met."

On the future of the team: "Everybody is blaming everybody for everything, but we don’t blame everybody for everything. ... "But if fans hang in there, I’m going to hang in there. We’re going to be back as an organization. We’re going to have a top class manager and general manager, and we’re going to have a great team next year. People right now are forgetting that this was a great team before September. They’re concentrating solely on September. And I don’t blame them for that. We are, too. We are concentrating on what happened in September.

On Crawford: He was not in on his signing.

“But I love this team, and I’m going to do everything I can to get it back to where it needs to be.”

Listen to the audio of his appearance in the players embedded here:

You can listen to Interview here

By The Baseball Page
Friday, 14 Oct 2011

John Henry


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