Truth, Rumors & Lies September 7, 2011

Truth, Rumors & Lies September 7, 2011

Truth, Rumors & Lies September 7, 2011


It’s sad to think that the Minnesota Twins have fallen into last place in the AL Central. 

But they have and now this once proud franchise has to recover, regroup and ponder their future.  And that future might include moving Justin Morneau to a full time designator hitter role in 2012.

Justin MorneauAfter another series of concussions, one of the Twins top players may never see play the field again.  Sure he’ll get his swings in as a designated hitter when he returns at some point this season.  But in 2012, he might put his fielding glove away for good.

But is that enough? 

After 15 months of on again and off again concussions, Morneau needs to seriously consider much more than swinging the bat four of five times a game next season.  Like Peyton Manning is learning in the NFL with the Indianapolis Colts, it might be time to hang up his cleats.

Now all of this is premature to say the least.  But when does the quality of life become more important than playing the game of baseball?   In Manning’s case, he’s suffered a pair of neck surgeries that leave his future in doubt.  One more hit and he could become paralyzed.  And with the bank at his disposal why would he even consider putting on a helmet again.

For Morneau should he endure another collision of any kind and the concussions get more severe, his mind could become mush and his quality of life could be forever changed

The Twins are in a difficult position.  As a small market team, they have to spend their money wisely and they’re only as good and competitive, as the roster moves they can make to field a team that can compete in one of the worst division in baseball, the American League Central.

Though the organization has prospects a plenty, the rest of the division is catching up with them.  If the Kansas City Royals pass you in the standings, that should send out a few troubling alarms to Twins fans around the country.  It might be time to make some hard decisions that affect one of the teams’ most beloved players.

Thus in order to restore that order, the Twins might be better off forcing Morneau’s hand to call it quits - so ultimately they don’t have to make the choice for him. 


When is $680 million dollars not enough to buy a baseball team? 

Drayton McClaneI guess if you’re the Houston Astros.  Team owner Drayton McClane has been trying to sell his franchise for years.  Last May, Jim Crane, made a successful bid to purchase the team from McClane, who has owned the franchise the last 18 seasons.

But Crane has been down this road before.  In fact, he bailed out at zero hour in 2008 when the team was set to announce the sale.  Now the details aren’t as clear as one might thing as to why Crane backed out back then but he’s back in the picture now.  So we may never know both sides of this coin.

However, regardless of his decision to do it all over again, Crane’s bid rests in the hands major league baseball.  Who, like me, have to be wondering if they should include Crane in their club.

Major League Baseball has already blackballed Mark Cuban in his attempts to buy the Chicago Cubs and the Texas Rangers.  Lawyer Miles Prentice lost out on bids to gain ownership in three franchises; the Los Angeles Dodgers, Kansas City Royals and Boston Red Sox.

So does Crane fall into the same category as Cuban and Prentice? 

It’s possible. For now, all parties have to decipher the rumors that were first reported in Forbes months ago that indicated Crane has been a part of discrimination claims, a class action lawsuit and an EEOC investigation. 

But I will say this in defense of Crane.  You don’t get that rich by not stepping on a few toes.  Doesn’t make it right or wrong or even worth defending.  But reality is in cases involving someone with incredible wealth; the actual truth lays somewhere in the middle.

Either way his bid is in the hands of Major League Baseball and that means McClane is going to have to wait a little longer to get his money.


The New York Mets are strongly considering allowing injured ace Johan Santana to make a few starts before the season ends. 

Johan Santana

But according to the New York Star Ledger, John Ricco the Mets Assistant General Manager, indicated that they are focused on getting Santana ready for the 2012 season.

But will they?

Would it not be prudent to get Santana a couple of starts this year?  He’ll have his final minor league tune-up on Friday night.  But we’re hearing that Santana is pushing the Mets to get back on the mound in the bright lights of New York.  

So who wins this battle?  Neither side.  In this situation, there is a no winner in this debate.

If Santana insists, that puts pressure on the Mets to appease their star pitcher.  If they resist in letting him throw some innings in September, they face alienating their highest paid superstar.

By NickAthan
Wednesday, 7 Sep 2011

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