Very Hot Stove!

Very Hot Stove!

Pedro Martinez

Very Hot Stove!

We have some great baseball updates on, The Baseball Page.


Jose Reyes has signed with Miami, what are the Mets alternatives (not pretty). Mike Silva chimes in with the shame in losing him.

Brad Bortone has a slightly different take on Reyes,It honestly isn't that big news

Reyes, is a risky gamble for the Marlins. More Fish news - The Miami Herald is reporting that the SEC is looking into the Miami Marlins stadium deal. They write "Federal authorities have opened a wide-ranging investigation into the Miami Marlins’ controversial ballpark deal with Miami-Dade County and the city of Miami, demanding financial information underpinning nearly $500 million in bond sales as well as records of campaign contributions from the Marlins to local and state elected leaders. Read the rest of article

The economy, 3+ years after the 2008 Crash has hit the Yankees. They have new marching orders as ownership no longer will allow them to breach the luxury tax.

Baseball has finally elected Ron Santo, into the Hall of Fame. Santo has long had the credentials. In out poll, 57 of the 250 votes went to Santo, only Gil Hodges had more votes.

Pedro Martinez has announced his retirement, Martinez has a great biography written by Bob Cohen. Martinez put up one of the finest four season runs in the history of baseball. There is little doubt he will be joining Santo in 5 years.

Then of course we have the classless . . . old friend Manny Ramirez wants to return in baseball. Does Baltimore want him?

Manny could hit like few others, but he has stained the game and his reputation on and off the field. His best act is to sail off quietly and hope writers forgive and forget his actions several years down the road.

By Tom Hannon
Monday, 5 Dec 2011

Miami Marlins, New York Mets, New York Yankees
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