Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to our new site!

Dear Fans,

Welcome to the new BaseballPage!  After fifteen years of your ongoing support I am excited to give you a vastly expanded site.  All your favorite stat’s and stories are still here, but now you will find the first full, on-line baseball community. This community will allow you to not only read and view information but comment on it as well. Be it your favorite or least favorite player, team, series, season or recent news. 

We have over 50 writers who have contributed content, many of thousands of images, videos, news feeds from hundreds of other sites.    

Want to see your name on our scoreboard?  Come sponsor your favorite team, ball park or player page.  There is something for everyone!
This site is for you.  Your ideas and suggestions are welcome and encouraged. The site is a work in progress and we will be developing new features and content over the coming months.  Please feel free to contact me and please participate. I built this for the great fans of baseball.

Enjoy and share!
Tom Hannon

By The Baseball Page
Saturday, 2 Apr 2011

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