Yankees fans need some whine with their cheese?

Yankees fans need some whine with their cheese?

Rafael Soriano

Yankees fans need some whine with their cheese?

The temper tantrums I see on the blogosphere and Twitter about the Yankees payroll situation is hysterical. We talked a couple of weeks ago how the Yankees are working hard to keep their payroll below the luxury tax. This is due to a reported $40 million dollar bonus they would receive as part of the new CBA. There is also thought that Hank and Hal Steinbrenner have finally acquiesced to the Commissioner’s office and will hold down spending. I believe both of those theories are true, but I also think the Yankees have a new ballpark with exploding expenses and the economy has hit them like everyone else.

First, if you can’t win with a $189 million dollar payroll, then it’s time to seriously assess the business strategy. Where is this great player development we hear about? It’s there, of course, but the Yankees fans don’t want to put in the time and patience to see it through. Fortunately, Brian Cashman understands the proper way to build a team.

Designer names have made Yankees fans believe they don’t have to stress things like the other 29 teams. Normal issues like fifth starters, bench players, and lineup holes are foreign to them, but only because the big name masked the issue. The Yankees have had these issues all along; they just plugged them with big money name that made everyone feel better. Need a hitter off the bench, sign Kenny Loften. Who cares if a kid at league minimum could do just a good? Sign a second closer like Rafael Soriano to a ridiculous deal to feel better about the eighth inning, even though the system is teeming with middle relief power arms and Soriano is human kerosene on the fire.

Time to put up or shut up about player development. Teams aren’t sitting around to be the Yankees farm team. Develop talent and deal with the ups and downs of the season just like everyone else. Believe me, its fun and you probably will still be one of the four American League teams standing in October. You might even win a World Series. No guarantees, but you just might win it all. This is a thing called reality, something that has been in short supply in the Bronx for over a decade.

By Mike Silva
Thursday, 15 Dec 2011

New York Yankees


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