Are the Tigers in on Rollins?

Are the Tigers in on Rollins?

Are the Tigers in on Rollins?

Jayson Stark tweets "Jimmy Rollins' agent, Dan Lozano, has told #Phillies he's having dialogue w a 2d team on Rollins. Other clubs believe #Tigers have interest. " @jaysonst

Danny Knobler "Many people asking about Jimmy Rollins/Tigers. They insist that they are not/have not been in on him." @DKnobler

Justin Rogers of doesn't believe that five years of Rollins is a good move for the Tigers. Are they the mystery team?

Rollins would provide the Tigers with a leadoff hitter, moving the strikeout prone Austin Jackson to lower in the lineup. It would also provide the Tigers with a shortstop, moving Jhonny Peralta to third, filling that hole. It's reported that Rollins wants a five-year deal. Rollins will help the Tigers but is a 33 year old shortstop, who has missed time in the last two years due to injury, worth five years? Is this just a ploy to get five years from the Phillies?

By Truth and rumors
Wednesday, 14 Dec 2011

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