Barry THANK'S for making me rich

Barry THANK'S for making me rich

Barry THANK'S for making me rich

Barry Bonds returns to baseball. First time since 2007....

Bonds returning to baseball at the invitation of the San Francisco Giants. He'll be a hitting instructor at the Giants Scottsdale, Arizona spring training camp.

One MLB player is glad. In fact Arizona Diamondback infielder Eric Chavez, who has made some $81 million in his playing career - says Bonds should be welcomed by players, owners and Major League Baseball itself. Chavez says Bonds - McGwire - and Sammy Sosa made all of them rich.

Chavez in an interview with USA Today said, "A lot of players are outspoken about it - they just forget how many riches, for lack of a better word, that all of us have enjoyed. Ownership. MLB, those guys brought baseball to a whole new level as far as popularity is concerned. That's something I'll never forget." Chavez added - "we we're all on this awesome roller-coaster ride - personally I want to thank them all."

The so call "Steroid era" with baseball's leaving parks like rocket shots filled stadium seats. According to Forbes, MLB had revenues of $1.5 billion in 1995, the year after the World Series was cancelled. In 2013, revenue exceeded $8 billion and could exceed $9 billion for 2014. The rise in revenue started partially on the backs of PED users.

Eric Chavez thanks Barry Bonds for making him rich. Not all of his teammates share that feeling even though Barry Bonds was never proven to have taken drugs, or did not knowingly use steroids. He was convicted of obstruction of justice, and sentenced to 30 days of home confinement - that conviction remains under appeal. Bonds will meet the media before hitting the playing fields of Scottsdale Municipal Stadium. Writers will have many questions to ask Barry Bonds.

Eric Chavez says about Bonds, "He's got a lot to offer young kids - maybe he can touch on some of those subjects that moving forward what players should be cognizant of and choices they should make going forward."

Chavez, in the major leagues since his 1998 debut with the Oakland A's - a member of the Yankees from 2011-2012 - with Arizona since 2013 - a career .268 hitter - says Barry Bonds has made him and others in the game wealthy - rich, beyond their dreams, and deserves to be back in the game and thanked for his contributions to baseball. A far different take on the Barry Bond legacy, and far different then how baseball writers across America feel. Bonds is not a favorite of writers.

Should Barry Bonds be voted into the Hall of Fame? You bet your life. Will he be voted into the Hall of Fame? Probably not for many years, if at all. Everyone knows the bad relationship between the media and Barry Bonds. There's at least one person in baseball not afraid to speak up and say, Barry - "THANKS" for making me rich - welcome back to Arizona and MLB.

My compliments to Eric Chavez.........

Larry Upton "Upton on Sports" source:voicesyahoo/usatoday/

By Larry Upton
Monday, 10 Mar 2014


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