Bedrock or Rock Bottom?

For twenty-five years, this baseball enthusiast has wondered if the BBWAA made a colossal blunder in voting Steve Bedrosian the 1987 National League Cy Young winner, instead of Nolan Ryan.

Thanks to the Factor12 Rating, a more cerebral approach can be taken in assessing pitching excellence during each MLB campaign.

It is apparent that Steve Bedrosian won by default.  The Philadelphia Phillies closer amassed 40 saves for a (80-82) fourth-place team.  Nolan Ryan should have been the 1987 NL Cy Young Award recipient despite his 8-16 record.  The legendary right-hander led the league in ERA, SO, H/9, SO/9, and ERA+ during his age 40 season.

Rick Sutcliffe finished second because he compiled a league leading 18 victories.  Big deal, 18 was a paltry sum in those days.  The BBWAA had very little to work with in terms of quality candidates but the electorate grossly handed the hardware to an undeserving winner.

By qualcomm98
Tuesday, 22 May 2012

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1987 Cy Young Award


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