Boston Red Sox Finally Getting What They Paid for, Sort Of

Boston Red Sox Finally Getting What They Paid for, Sort Of

Boston Red Sox Finally Getting What They Paid for, Sort Of

Despite the Boston Red Sox underachieving in the win/loss category this season, their two big offseason acquisitions two years ago are finally producing the way they were expected to upon arrival.  Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez are doing their best to help keep the Red Sox in the playoff chase.

When Carl Crawford signed with the Red Sox in the winter of 2010, the team thought they would be getting the five tool player that haunted them for years in Tampa Bay.  Last season, that was not the case at all.  His struggles in the bright lights of Boston left the Red Sox exploring possible trade options for the left fielder.
Since returning to the lineup this season following wrist and elbow injuries, Crawford is hitting the way he was expected.  He is batting .292 with 13 RBI and three home runs through 19 games this season.  Prior to last nights 6-3 loss to the Texas Rangers, over his previous 10 games, Crawford is batting .350 with 12 RBI, getting a hit in all but one game.
The one place where Crawford has not provided much production has been in stolen bases. When with the Rays, Crawford stole bases at will against the Red Sox, but this season only has three.  There were multiple occasions when with the Rays that Crawford stole three bases in a single game against the Red Sox.  If Crawford continues to produce at the plate and adds the base running production, he will finally be the complete player Red Sox Nation expected.
Gonzalez has been a source of stability for most of his tenure in Boston.  For years prior to his arrival, it was speculated that Gonzalez and the Red Sox were a match made in heaven and would only be a matter of time until he was wearing a Red Sox uniform. 
Last season, he produced major dividends for the Red Sox at the plate and in the field.  To start this season, Gonzalez was not playing like his normal all-star self.  His average dipped to .256 in mid-June, but has had a major turnaround since then and has hit .372 in July while only walking once.  Currently, Gonzalez is hitting .307 with 69 RBI and 11 home runs.
Before last night, in his last 10 games, Gonzalez in hitting .486 with 11 RBI.  Since David Ortiz was injured on Gonzalez’s game-winning home run in mid-July, Gonzalez has picked up the slack for Ortiz the best he could.  He has gotten on base and provided run production in the middle of the order since the Red Sox lone all-star went down and has helped the team remain in playoff contention.
The team is still underperforming, but Crawford and Gonzalez have done their jobs.  Even if the Red Sox do not make the playoffs this season, it would be a positive sign moving forward to see these two players continuing their productivity at the plate.

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By Sports Media 101
Thursday, 9 Aug 2012

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