A Break Down Of Travis Snider

A Break Down Of Travis Snider

A Break Down Of Travis Snider

First off, there were many people that did not like this trade, for it lacked big hitter appeal.   Most fans wanted a splash at the trade deadline.  Although he is not Upton or Pence, he has provided the Pirates with some great play in the field and a very consistent bat.   He is hitting around .300 with a home run and 6 RBI.   He is only 24 years old and has a pedigree to really be a good hitter.

He was brought up as a guy that has tremendous power, and has a build like Brian Giles.  Though he lacks Brian's crappy arrogant attitude.  I am not comparing his current out put or potential future output to Giles because we all know how good of a player he was for the Bucs.  What I am saying is that he is still young and has pop, along with the ability to hit for some average.

When he was drafted by the Blue Jays, they tried rushing him through the minors and had him up playing in the Majors within a year and a half.   He had some very good numbers in his first partial season.   He followed that up with a sub standard second season and being sent down.  He has gone from triple A to the majors several times throughout the past 3 or 4 seasons now.  Under Cito Gaston, he was taught to pull everything.   He is a player that likes to hit to all fields, and Gaston tried to make him a dead pull hitter.   Although he liked his time in Toronto, I think he is happy to be out of there and playing for a team that wants him to hit to all fields.

His overall numbers are not too bad.   Here is a snap shot. (courtesy of


SEASON 34 105 16 30 48 6 0 4 14 10 0 29 1 0 .286 .347 .457 .805 1.88
MLB Totals 266 904 118 228 386 60 1 32 118 76 4 265 17 7 .252 .311 .427 .738 1.16
Minors Totals 500 1891 344 583 998 135 11 86 382 230 13 492 34 24 .308 .383 .528 .910 1.21

If you do not believe in his glove work, Follow the Link!

Another item to consider is the fact the Bucs have this guy for a few more years before they have to really pay him.  He has the ability to develop around a good young core of players.  Having an outfield with McCutchen, Marte, and Snider will not hurt you at all.  That also keeps a player like Garrett Jones at first base where he can play without hurting you too much defensively, and is turning into a nice hitter.

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Monday, 27 Aug 2012

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