Bully Prevention Through Martial Arts Part 2

Bullying Cheap
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is and always will be a problem. Let's
continue learning how martial arts can help the prevention of bullying by

learning about leadership, stress relief, self-control and self-defense - all of
which are taught to children through martial arts.

Developing Strong
Leadership Skills

For bullies, they are more likely to develop disorders
such as anti-social personality disorder because of their bullying behavior.
This particular condition causes the person to ignore the fact that others
around them have feelings. Martial arts can help these children learn to develop
the needed ability to see and understand empathy in others.For those being
bullied, they are less popular and others have less empathy for them. This is
why they are targeted in most instances. Your child is at 49ers jerseys for sale cheap
higher risk of being bullied if they have fewer friends. A
martial arts program can train these children to be more socially open so that
they can easily make friends.

Learning to Relieve Stress

bullies, it is hard for them to regulate their own emotions. They generally have
no way to control their frustration and anger leading them to bully others in
severe ways. Martial arts can help these children take their frustration out on
the martial arts technique rather than taking it out on other children, whom do
not deserve it. It is an excellent way for children to blow off some stream.For
those being bullied, health problems are by far one of the most frequently
complained effects of bullying by children. They have such high stress levels
because they are being bullied, which leads them to become physically ill
because their immune system has weakened. Martial arts provides children with a
way in which they can relieve some of their stress via physical activity so that
their stress does not weigh so heavily on their health.


For bullies, they can be extremely hot-headed and impulsive.
Martial arts helps these children become familiar with their thoughts as well as
emotions while training them to properly control any negative Cheap
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impulse that comes through that could
ultimately lead to bullying behavior.For those being bullied, they are generally
not aware of their behavior that causes a bully to lash out at them. Martial
arts help empower these children to control their actions in such a way that
will ensure a negative situation does not simply spiral out of control,
resulting in violence or conflict.

Learning Self-Defense

bullies, the desire for power is generally what leads a bully to perform their
bad behavior. They see how they can effectively use their dominance to control
others. Martial arts emphasizes that the art of karate is a form of self-defense
rather than a Cheap
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form of offense.For those being bullied, easy
targets are those that are weak. Martial arts classes takes these weaklings and
teaches them how to successfully defend themselves through the act of karate.
With this knowledge in hand, they will project a more confident aura and won't
appear as an easy target for bullies.

By Kimberly
Wednesday, 30 Jan 2013

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