Car show revs up Father’s Day weekend

Father’s Day weekend without Massillon’s annual Cruise-On-In and Dance Party just wouldn’t feel right.

And that’s why Cheap Active Sunglasses never once thought that the event would be in jeopardy.

Cheap Special Edition Sunglasses was always intended to continue,” he said. “It was never possible that it would not continue once the (Downtown Massillon Association) decided it was pulling out of the event, and we have tried to send that clear message over the last several months. The event will be the same, only the musical flavors will be changing.”

With one of the event’s biggest sponsors bowing out this year, others have stepped up, Jeske said, noting that O’Reilly Auto Parts, The Massillon Boys and Girls Club and Massillon Museum have stepped in to make sure the event is better than it has ever been.

On June 16, the annual Cheap Oakleys and Dance Party will return to downtown Massillon complete with vintage cars, all your favorite fair foods and music you can’t help but dance to.

That, after all, is the heart and soul of the event, according to Jeske, who serves as ESPN 990’s general manager. Fashion Trends and Shopping Home is one of the event’s main sponsors.

“There will be hundreds of cars, eight wonderful bands on two stages, a wide variety of food and a killer fireworks display,” Jeske said.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

The cruise-in has become a tradition for thousands of area residents. Many, Jeske said, take advantage of the time to spend with fathers and grandfathers.

“We always felt that Father’s Day weekend was the traditional weekend for this event,” Jeske said. “This is something special to enjoy on that weekend with the family. It’s a place where fathers and children and grandfathers can connect to each other through the cars and the music.”

Headlining the main stage this year is ESCAPE: “The Ultimate Journey Experience.” Jeske believes it’s the perfect band to headline the popular cruise-in event because, like the classic cars, Journey’s classic songs have a way of bringing generations together.

“As time continues to pass, groups that weren’t considered ‘oldies’ groups before are now,” Jeske said with a wholesale fashion sunglasses. “When I saw ESCAPE play, people from my generation were singing right along with college kids, fathers were singing along with sons and they all knew every word. I thought, ‘This is perfect. We have found a new group that transcends all generations.’ ”

By Kimberly
Monday, 11 Jun 2012

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