Carlton wins 72 and 77 Cy Young Award on Nov 2

Carlton wins 72 and 77 Cy Young Award on Nov 2

Carlton wins 72 and 77 Cy Young Award on Nov 2

Steve Carlton won two Cy Young Awards on this date in history in: 1972 and 1977, . . . Feb 1972 - in one of the worst trades in team history the Cardinals traded away "Lefty" for Rick Wise to the Phillies. That year Carlton won 27 games for the Phillies who as a team won only 59 games. It is considered one of the finest pitching performances in history.


Bing Devine, the St. Louis General Manager who dealt Carlton at the behest of Cardinals owner Auggie Busch, later explained his thinking at the time: "We hadn't been able to sign Carlton.  There was no free agency, so he didn't have the freedom to say, 'Sign me or else.'  He was being very difficult to sign for the ridiculous amount of $10,000 between what he wanted and what we'd give him.  Many times Mr. Busch gave me a little leeway in the budget, but in the case of Carlton, Mr. Busch developed the feeling that Carlton was a 'smart-aleck' young guy,' and I'm not used to having smart-alecks tell me what to do."

Carlton later shared his recollections of the trade that made him a member of the Phillies: "Auggie Busch traded me to the last-place Phillies over a salary dispute.  I was mentally committed to winning 25 games with the Cardinals and now I had to re-think my goals.  I decided to stay with the 25-win goal and won 27 of the Phillies 59 victories.  I consider that season my finest individual achievement."


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Wednesday, 2 Nov 2011

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