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Back from summer tourism,Juicy Couture girl gestures showing a sexy,feminine and stylish.In 2012,the fall collection filled with the Los Angeles urban vitality,but also the introduction of the punk elements to bring out the unique taste of California.In addition,this season more special by adding men's clothing to cut a variety of design elements and 1970s Sunset Boulevard,to a modern British style Shangzhi Jing.

LeAnn Nealz,Juicy Couture creative director and co-CEO said:"in the idea of the fall of modeling of Juicy Couture Girl wealth of travel experience and a desire to become a mature and elegant ideas for our design inspiration.I frequently travel to London and Los Angeles,so think of the concept of 'LA Loves London';new series will be integrated into London's artistic touch to the brand has always been the Los Angeles-style design juicy couture swimwear ,rich people and events of the London element,such as Anita Pallenberg,T-Rex,and even Joni Mitchell albums"Blue"are the team to bring innovative design thinking.improved after the traditional materials,the stylish I also seem elegant,dark red,blue and light brown plover,cashew nuts,flowers and colored checkered pattern to bring colorful the colorblocking the effect and pattern play;simple printed on the fabric patterns highlight fashion taste,such as cashew flower pattern dress of silk hanging pleated trousers,and English saddle buckle easily to create a casual style;embossed Monogram leather handbags as well as gold,silver ornaments in the shape of added grace and gorgeous atmosphere.

A small amount of fur juicy couture backpack,rock elements and independent personality,attitude,fun fashion style smelting;geometric,animals,and bright floral patterns to attract a huge audience;French Plaid combination to match the faux fur leopard cloak,is the ingenious texture match;exaggerated shiny ornaments,inlaid with Fedoras and over-sized clutch perfect interpreter of the "more is more"new definition.Men cut leather,leopard and lace to make a more modern style;classic fish bone pattern jacket and trousers mixed berries bright colors and green appearance,decorated with leather trim,re-interpretation of the classic;by adding fluorescent colors lace sweater and leopard silk blouse full of freshness;oversized bracelet studded with dazzling gems and gorgeous bracelet is unique and chic,with a full personal charm.

By Manolo Blahnik
Saturday, 14 Jul 2012

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