Clemens and Sleeping Jurors

Clemens and Sleeping Jurors

Clemens and Sleeping Jurors

Last week when the perjury trial of baseball great Roger Clemens resumed the federal judge hearing the case sternly chided prosecutors and defense attorney's for going so "slowly" that they were "boring" jurors. U.S.District Judge Reggie B.Walton told the lawyers gesturing toward the jury box, "LOOK AT THOSE PEOPLE - THOSE PEOPLE ARE FED UP - YOU ARE BORING THE JURORS!"

The jury consists of 12 members with 4 alternatives. By Wednesday the judge threw one male member off the jury for sleeping during the proceedings, now yesterday, just one week later, Judge Walton threw off another juror, this time a female for sleeping during the proceddings. 
Last week the juror tossed out was a 27-year-old- unemployed Washingtonian. Yesterday the juror thrown off was a single female who has worked as a supermarket cashier for five years. During the screening process for selecting members of the jury she told lawyers, "I'm not a big fan of sports,period." Then told lawyers that she had "never" heard of Roger Clemens.

It's my opinion Judge Reggie Walton has missed a "golden" opportunity to end the Clemens debacle.
The trial of Roger Clemens is boring not only to everyone in his courtroom but everyone in the nation. With the exception of the idiotic prosecutors of our incompetent Federal Justice Department who years ago believed their futures would be brighter by tearing down one of the sports world's biggest Icons, Roger Clemens. The Justice Department has "FIVE" lawyers on the prosecution team, up from two at the first trial that started more than a year ago when Judge Walton declared a mistrial because prosecutors had made a gaffe that according to the Judge, a "first-year-law student" wouldn't make.

Understandably Judge Reggie Walton's not happy at the way the trials proceeding. Losing two jurors for sleeping in the first two weeks is not a healthy sign. When we're in troubles, if we're listening, the "Universe" will usually send us "signals" for the purpose of getting our attention. Sleeping jurors are strong signals. This case goes back to 2008 - , it's 2012 now. "MILLIONS" have been spent and "wasted" by the Justice department who only went after our sport Icons because of publicity. Our Washington Congressional leaders, politicians wanted television time, prosecutors their 15 minutes of fame. Now the government needs a victory after their many expensive, high-profile setbacks involving other major sports figures dogged by doping allegations. A seven-year pursuit against home run king Barry Bonds yielded a guilty verdict on just one count - obstruction of justice - and a sentence of 30 days confinement at his Beverly Hills estate. "Whooppeeee!" I wonder if Attorney General Eric Holder and his staff ran over to the White House for a major celebration? Also, the Justice department "closed," without bringing any charges, a two-year investigation of possible drug use by seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong. One doesn't have to be a Harvard Grad to question the appropriateness of these prosecutions.

Judge Reggie B.Walton listen, please, two sleeping jurors - Five inept Federal prosecutors tripping over themselves for TV and newspaper space - millions being flushed down toilets, plus American's screaming "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"
Judge, the Universe has sent you strong signals, show courage, bang your gavel down now and end this debacle. Shout loudly, "CASE DISMISSED!" Go home. Send a strong message to our Justice Department and staff of mental midgets that our country has far more serious troubles and issues than attempting to determine if a baseball player took steroids, and told Congress he didn't. 
"Sleeping Jurors" - a reflection of how our nation feels about this case. End it...."PLEASE!"....

By Larry Upton
Tuesday, 15 May 2012

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