Comprehending Stress Tests - Information You Need To Know

Stress Tests - What You May Not Realize About Them

There's a pretty good chance you'll have to take a cardiovascular stress test once you are over 40 years of age. Absent any symptoms, this will be a preventive measure for purposes of early detection. There's a higher rate of success for treatments when they start early which is why it is so important to catch problems as soon as possible. The more severe the problem, the more unpleasant and serious the treatment. Thus, you should cooperate with your doctor and request a stress test yourself if you haven't had one.

Many cardiologists like to give echocardiograms. These are stress tests that can help you out. To check out your heart, they give you this test because it gives them insight as to what is happening. So when they use a stress test, they are able to see what is happening with your heart in action. If people are resting, the condition may not show up, which is why they do the test. The stress test consists of getting the patient to exercise, making their heart rate rise to a certain point. Once the heart rate is at exercise state, then they perform the echocardiogram. And if your doctor is skilled, and if anything is wrong, they will see it right away. Many problems could pop up including blockages in the arteries and vessels leaving or going to the heart.

The echocardiogram gets the name because of the use of sound waves to produce an image of the heart. There are many methods, including running on a treadmill, that are used in conjunction with this test. The EKG was the predecessor of this test which utilized electrodes on the chest at strategic locations.

Then the electrical activity of the heart can be transformed on the recorder and that's the EKG. The doctor can then use both the echo and the EKG to give you the right information. Since the patient is running on the treadmill, their heart rate will be up. It is the elevated heart rate which provides the images that you get. It takes a very trained doctor to interpret this information because the images are in video format.

If your family physician recommends you get a cardiac stress test, then be sure you talk about the various types of tests. Of course there are differences such as whether an image is produced or an EKG is produced. Don't just accept those differences that are obvious and move on. You need to understand why one option is preferable to another and the only person really in the position to explain this to you is the cardiologist. Generally, you'll discover that the test is chosen by your specialist doctor or cardiologist. The treadmill test is cheap when compared to a nuclear stress test. It takes about a week for the disintegration of the radioisotopes in your system to occur. Therefore, if you aren't overly fond of the idea of radioactive substances being introduced into your body, then you should consider the EKG/treadmill test. The variations in stress tests are due to the type of information the doctor gets from any particular test. With patients who have a more serious potential for a problem, imaging tests are generally employed. The easy to administer treadmill stress test with just an EKG will usually mean it's not as serious as it could be.

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