Could the Crawford for Ramirez trade actually work?

Could the Crawford for Ramirez trade actually work?

Could the Crawford for Ramirez trade actually work?

I'm always one to throw out trade offers that will never happen. Last week I asked "Would you trade Jacoby Ellsbury in a package for Justin Upton"?

Here's the latest rumor. "Left fielder Carl Crawford to the Miami Marlins for either shortstop Jose Reyes or third baseman Hanley Ramirez, with other pieces and significant cash involved." - Ken Rosenthal

I never thought anyone would ask about Crawford. Don't get me wrong, I’m a long time advocate of Crawford. It's the money that's the problem. He may not be worth the money, but he’s a good player. However, I’d love Hanley back in Boston. The Red Sox would have to throw in some money, and there is a limit of how much I’d offer. When it comes to Reyes and Crawford, the money is very close. I’m not sure that a speedster for a speedster is filling the Red Sox’s needs, but it would finally fill the long time hole at shortstop. I’d much prefer to move Hanley to SS. He doesn’t have the glove that Reyes does, but he can run, get on base and drive players in.

I can understand why the Marlins might want Crawford. He's a star and popular in Florida. The biggest knock on Crawford is his contract. If Boston handled some of that, it wouldn't be so bad. Hanley's act has been tired in Miami for a while. Signing Jose Reyes and moving Ramirez to third was the last straw on both sides. Miami showed that Hanley wasn't in their plans and Ramirez wasn't happy with the move. The biggest question is who will play third? The Marlins just traded Matt Dominguez in the Carlos Lee deal. My best guess would be Emilio Bonifacio.

In Boston Ramirez will be the starting shortstop and get thrown right into the middle of the lineup. With Ellsbury, Crawford, and Dustin Pedroia, there were too many guys that bat 1 or 2. Now The lineup could go Ellsbury, Pedroia, Ramirez, David Ortiz, Adrian Gonzalez...

It's been a long time since Boston had Ramirez and Ortiz back-to-back. In the outfield, besides Ellsbury, the Red Sox have Ross, Sweeney, Nava, and even Kalish. Mike Aviles would now be a utility player that can back up all of the infield and the corner outfield.

Nick Punto is now expendable and sooner than later Pedro Ciriaco will come back down to earth.

With all of that said, the Red Sox aren’t trading Crawford.

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By Mike Lavery
Thursday, 19 Jul 2012

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