Create Various Jewelry With Brass Pendants And Enamel Pendants

Cheap Oakleys making is not only a career for jewelry makers or designers, but also is a hobby to many people now. Pendant necklaces are still very hot in 2012. Brass pendants and enamel pendants can help you to create jewelry in different effects. Like vintage style jewelry? Brass pendants are the perfect choice. And enamel pendants are suitable for creating colorful jewelry. Brass pendants, there is no doubt that the material is brass only, but they can be produced in various colors, such as golden, silver, black, nickel, red copper, antique colors, platinum and so on.


They are available in different shapes; including drop, oval, heart, Cheap Fendi Sunglasses, flat round, round, leaf, bags, animals, tree, cross, star and many others. Exquisite patterns on these pendants with different colors let them look very delicate. Enamel pendant is another familiar jewelry pendant to jewelry makers. But some of them may don't how it is produced. For jewelry industry, enamelling can be defined as a technique of adding color to a piece of jewelry. Enamel basically is a finely grounded glass. When these tiny colored glass particles are heated in a furnace at about in 800 degrees Celsius on a red hot metal, the result is a beautiful colored glass coating on the metal. Fashion Trends and Shopping Home is called as enamel. The different colors of enamel pendants available are due to the presence of metallic salts in the glass. And we all know it that color overlay can create a new color. There are three types of enamel that is used in jewelry: opaque, transparent and translucent. Different effects are produced by using these enamels singly or in combinations of two or more. Manufacturers often mix and match various techniques and bring out lovely colors, so you can find enamel pendants are available in a pallet of colors. They are also designed in different shapes with various patterns. As these pendants are produced in different effects-- lovely, elegant, vintage, fashion, masculine and other effects, they are widely used in jewelry making.


They are loved by both men and women. Both brass pendants and enamel pendants are available in tens of thousands of designs, you can easily find what you need or desired for your jewelry making designs. The two different pendants can be used as necklace pendants, bracelet pendants and earring pendants. Not only are they can be used singly in one project, but also can be mixed and matched with other beads and pendants. It is up to you.  Buy brass pendants and enamel pendants from China beads wholesaler - Wholesale Oakley Sunglasses.

By Kimberly
Thursday, 21 Jun 2012

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