Dana: How to choose Beats travel headphones?

Hello everyone, I am Dana, this article from the Beats By Dre Outlet! We may be a long time is this: the daily tedious work, work, home, work. So, we began to want to go out travel. Of course, the essential travel companion - Beats By Dre headphones, because it will bring us music. If you have the time or you can focus Dr. Dre Blog.

Today, I'll talk about some of the considerations on how to select Beats travel headphones. We choose to travel Beats headphones should be followed to facilitate the admission to carry, and can wear for a long time, to eliminate background noise, with the machine using the corresponding low impedance, good push seven points. I hope this article for the friends you want to travel headphones.

General for headphones impression, only stay in the simple kind of iPod / iPhone earbud headphones have to say earbud headphones designed to facilitate use in the general busy commuter moment, the side of the road at the same time pay attention to the surrounding environment, do not have to worry about the traffic on the road, even in the office, do not have to worry about not hear colleagues, the cries of the officers. But if you use for traveling, this function is not enough, the following are a few of the travel headphones in the selection of some suggestions.

In fact, not only is the Beats in-ear headphones can be used as travel headphones Beats headset is also possible, such as: Beats by Dre Solo HD Headphones,Monster Sound DNA Headphones, as to why, please listen to me slowly about.

Beats By Dre Solo HD HeadphonesMonster Sound DNA Headphones

Images: Beats By Dre Headphones, and Monster Sound DNA Headphoens

1. Facilitate the admission to carry

Travel pay attention to the lightweight, high mobility, with a big package packet to go out, in fact, very inconvenient, and even travel headphones also need to be carefully selected in order to achieve the purpose of luggage streamlined, so usually we do not take size earphones go out. However, in order to allow travelers can enjoy high-quality music at any time, the majority of headset manufacturers, and therefore launched a foldable earphones, Beats By Dre Solo HD Beats By Dre MIXR, Beats By Studio, etc. The user-friendly fast storage when not in use, and it is very unlikely to take up luggage space.

2. Can be wear for a long time

Compared to daily use, wear headphones when traveling more emphasis on comfort, Whether you are cold Nordic countries, or to year-round in Southeast Asia, such as the summer, a good travel headphones will not bring your ears oppression, sweltering, and even there the effect of warm.

Generally lasting wear headphones, personal head of different factors aside, the structure of the headphones and binaural contact pad materials and design, share decision quite a high proportion. For earphones, good air permeability leather liner is preferred. The user habits In-Ear headphones majority will choose silicone material of the ear, can avoid allergies or skin infections and other conditions occur.

Factors on wear headsets, there is a focus of the weight of the Beats headphones, Beats by Dre Solo HD thin and light design, it weighs only 0.21Kg make you a long time with did not feel tired, you travel almost do not feel its presence. Of course, even the design of the headset no matter how good, or to minimize the continuous long-term use, prevention of hearing impairment.

3. Eliminate background noise

Using the headset, with the biggest difference in the outdoors, it is the difference in size of the background noise in the interior space. Traditional anti-noise method for direct forced ears only accept the music, let the noise of other external ears exposed to, but in such a way, in the conditions of continuous use, easy to cause damage to the hearing of the ear, if it is walking on the street, also likely to not hear the horn or vocal dangerous situation.

Although the electronic anti-noise headphones earliest appearance for the military, but is now widely used to listen to the individual, as well as a variety of applications such as air traffic.

When you use an electronic anti-noise headphones while listening to music, as usual you can feel the sound of the environment, but unpleasant low-frequency noise, anti-noise headphones electronic equipment filter, therefore, we can still listen to the clear, complete audio performance.

4. With corresponding machine

Frequent travelers must no stranger to movies, listen to music, spend time activities, however, general aircraft flights on the supplied headphones, and we use the headphone jack on the iPod / iPhone is slightly different point of view in the machine by a single plug designed to dual plugs At this point, if your headset does not provide this headphone adapter accessories, you have to come to spend money to buy, or else you have to endure the airlines allotment of low-quality headphones. Listening to music, watching movies considerable emphasis on quality performance machine, in the purchase of travel headphones can be machine the exclusive adapter accessories are together taken into account.

5. Low impedance, easy to push

Impedance of the high end of the dynamic performance of the headphones have a great relationship, but why this user value indicates the most easily overlooked. Travel generally use the music player, usually the iPod / iPhone and other portable devices, thrust and battery life, but natural than the computer or other playback device desktop, high impedance headphones, although there are carrying a high dynamic ability, but is not suitable for use with portable devices. Buy travel headphones, 32 Ω impedance as a reference value, the smaller the resistance, the easier to drive, more than 60 Ω headphones to stay in the home or office and general occasions. Low impedance headphones not only easier to drive, for playback device consumes less power. If you can not identify this pair of headphones in the end resistance is how much? Can audition of the store to see if you want the volume is turned up to more than 2/3 or more, to listen carefully to the music content may represent the high resistance of the pair of headphones.

6. Storage protection bags

The travel headphones As the name suggests, is to carry the headphones, so the storage of the headset is very important. Whether Headphone In-Ear should have a suitable storage location when not in use, if at home, as well as offices and other fixed location for use, the headset retractor placed in the the personal habits location to travel headphones may often have to close the road into the backpack opportunity collision with other carry-on baggage contents, easily damaged, Therefore, the travel headphones will need to have a dedicated protective bag, or even the protection of the hard boxes, so not only can extend the service life and are more able to maintain the appearance of the state.

7. Suitable for personal tone

In addition to various additional features, headphones most important thing is sound performance. Each manufacturer's design and planning product attributes, there is a difference between the performance of the tone, some strong sense of rhythm, a large low-frequency some walking sound quality resolution route, some emphasis on balance, tone warmer, colder, different, only a smattering of first, second single from the text description of the goods, directly in person audition is the the personal tone headphones the best way to pick a suitable, with the personal habits listen to the music and often recommended in the selection portable device used as a criteria for selection, or, when you bring home from the store, may buy think the enormous differences before and after commodity.

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013


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