David Wright is "back" to feeling good

David Wright is "back" to feeling good

David Wright is "back" to feeling good

"David Wright would like to avoid many of the things that happened to him last year. He doesn't want a repeat of the broken back he suffered that limited him to 104 games, as well as the .254 average and .427 slugging percentage, each the lowest of his career. The Mets third baseman tried to address both issues this offseason.

"My back feels real good," Wright said yesterday. "It was important that I got through a whole offseason to kind of strengthen it. When you get halfway or three-quarters of the way through the season, it's tough to build up that area. This offseason allowed me to build up the muscles around the bone that fractured.""

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By Truth and rumors
Thursday, 16 Feb 2012

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  • EvelynSeth said: If he says he is feeling good, then I believe him. I really know that he can do a better job with his health. - Dennis Wong 12:23PM 04/10/14
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