Eight Ball Billiards

The game that began as a nobleman's sport has evolved into a barroom staple. But
make no mistake the game of billiards, and each of its offspring, still retains
that noble spirit.

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proper billiards is rarely found in average clubs, a
number of game variations have become popular with the pub and club set. One of
the most popular tournament-style billiards games is "eight ball". In eight ball
billiards, one set of numbered balls is split between two players. One players
shoots for balls 1-7 (also called "solids" or "low balls") and the other plays
balls 9-15 ("stripes" or "high balls"). The first player to pocket all of
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or her balls, and then legally pocket the eight (black) ball, is declared the

Eight ball is an easy game with very few regulations. There are
however, a few rules to keep in mind:

* When calling shots in this eight
ball billiards, it is not necessary to indicate the pocket and ball when the
shot is clear. If attempting a bank or combination shot however, you must
declare your intention before proceeding to shoot.

* If the ball you are
shooting jumps off the table, the shot is considered foul. At this time you can
choose to accept the table and take a shot, or shoot again with the cue ball
placed behind the head string.

* On your turn, your shot is only legal if
it hits a group of your own billiard balls and either pocket a numbered ball, or
cause a numbered ball or the cue ball to end up in a pocket. This does not apply
to shots declared "open", or to break shots.

* After a break shot, if no
ball was pocketed and no group of balls determined, the table is still
considered to be open. In other words, if a player breaks and sunk neither
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the table remains open.

* A game may be acknowledged
as a stalemate when six turns (three for each player) are taken consecutively
and the next shot will result in the loss of the game. At this point, the game
is re-racked, and the original breaker takes the break shot

Consult an official rulebook for a more concise description of all
the rules to eight ball. To play a successful game you must be willing to learn
and follow the rules, and retain the noble spirit of NFL Shop.

By Kimberly
Wednesday, 9 Jan 2013

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