Empty Feeling

I hate it when people say it's only a game.  Only a game?  The same "game" that during war, natural disaster, and in the midst of economic hardship provided and continues to provide an emotional escape for people of every race, religion, and background for over one hundred years.  The same "game" that united Americans a few days after the worst day in the history of our beloved country.

To me baseball is not only a game, it's  a religion, a passion, a very important part of my Reggie Jackson (or 44 years of life).

I went to sleep last night disappointed, empty, angry, and hurt that my beloved New York Yankees were done until next year.  How could it be?  You go from April, follow your team through September, some of us lucky to root their teams into October, and a very few get to see their team win the World Series.  Six and a half months that dissolved in a heartbeat.  Sure I will watch the World Series, but bottom line is hibernation started today, and like the change of seasons hope will spring eternal in a few months and my beloved Yankees will once again take the field to start their Quest for Twenty-eight.





By ecw1968
Friday, 19 Oct 2012

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New York Yankees


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