Fantasy Baseball Call Up Report: Jurickson Profar

Fantasy Baseball Call Up Report: Jurickson Profar

Fantasy Baseball Call Up Report: Jurickson Profar

Everyone was caught off guard when the Orioles called up Manny Machado. Now the rumors are swirling that the Texas Rangers will call up über prospect Jurickson Profar.

Prospect watch: Jurickson Profar could be Rangers’ next call-up

— Sporting News (@sportingnews) August 14, 2012


Mike Olt has primarily sat on the bench for the Rangers so a Profar call up would certainly be surprising. Let’s also mention that the call up of Manny Machado by the Orioles was a huge risk, considering that in the last 15 years only 6 players had fewer minor league at bats than Machado when he got the call. Profar wouldn’t have the minor league experience, plus he’d sit on the bench for the Rangers (because, you know, it’s preferable to have Michael Young be mediocre at a multitude of positions than to actually bench him), but Profar is too talented to ignore if by some wild chance he’s in the majors soon. The one thing that does point to his call is the trend for teams to call up their talented guys earlier and the dominance of Bryce Harper and Mike Trout will only help reinforce that quick call up mentality among major league clubs (the Minnesota Twins notwithstanding, god love ‘em).

So let’s talk about Profar’s ceiling and what we could potentially see from him this season and beyond. Put simply, Profar is a 20/20 shortstop who will hit .300 in a Rangers lineup. For both Machado and Profar it’s hard not to think of them as the next Hanley Ramirez, but without the mercurial attitude and with a better work ethic. Sign me up.

Profar’s most impressive hitting statistic might be his 65:63 BB:K ratio which is mind-boggling for a then 18-year-old. That type of strike zone knowledge is a strong indicator of future success and as a switch hitter with great bat speed you have to get excited about him. Just know that I’m not Jurickson you around on his talent, if you Profar bad puns. Check out his full scouting report here.

This season it is hard to imagine that he’ll provide any fantasy baseball value considering how few at ABs he’ll get, provided he’s even called up. But pounce on him if you are in a keeper league. Listen to my words, pounce on him if you are in a keeper league. Jurickson Profar could be scary good in 2014.

So much of fantasy baseball value is about opportunity. Certainly, Profar is blocked by Andrus at short and Ian Kinsler at 2B. If the Rangers continue to promote at the aggressive rate that Mike Olt has shown they are leaning toward, then it’s not out of the question to imagine a scenario where Kinsler is playing left field as shown as the middle of next season to replace Josh Hamilton, whom they let walk.

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Wednesday, 15 Aug 2012

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