Farewell Benny Fran

Farewell Benny Fran

Farewell Benny Fran

Ben Francisco has been traded to the North Pole. Okay, not really, just Toronto. The Blue Jays sent a 26 year old left-handed reliever to the

Phillies in exchange. Francisco batted .259/.732 in 3 seasons in Philly. If you recall, he was the "throw-in" on the Cliff Lee/Indians trade. Interesting note- his closest comparison according to Baseball-Reference is Wes Chamberlain (my favorite non-star Phillie of all-time). He was likely to be non-tendered with the signing of Laynce Nix as 4th outfielder, so getting something for him is better than nothing.

What did we get? A Philadelphia native named Frank Gailey. His minor league numbers are stellar over 5 years- 2.45 ERA/1.03 WHIP, but he only just reached Double-A last season. He does posses excellent control- 69 BB in 304.1 IP. He might never make it to Triple-A, or he might become a LOOGY in the Majors. Who knows...

By We Should be GMs
Wednesday, 14 Dec 2011

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  • Blissette said: The farewell is going to be good. It is only temporary, and it will be great. - Thaddeus Heffner 7:36PM 05/09/14
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