Field of Dreams - Sold to the Highest Dreamer

Field of Dreams - Sold to the Highest Dreamer

Field of Dreams - Sold to the Highest Dreamer

This is a great article by Jacqueline Burt at

'Field of Dreams' Won't Be Turned Into a Strip Mall

Posted by Jacqueline Burt on October 31, 2011 at 6:54 PM

iowa cornfieldIf you sell it, they will come. That's how it worked out for Don and Becky Lansing of Dyersville, Iowa, anyway. The original owners of the cornfields featured in Field of Dreams just sold the site to Mike and Denise Stillman and their company, Go the Distance Baseball LLC. (Purchase price hasn't been disclosed, but the Lansings put the property on the market in May 2010 for $5.4 million.)

So, if you're like me, maybe the first reaction you had to this news was a dread-filled Oh no, are they going to bulldoze the cornstalks to make room for more strip malls? Thankfully, no. Not only are the Stillmans not planning on building some bleak symbol of mindless consumerism, they're commited to "preserving the site's legacy."

(Paging Kevin Costner: Sounds like there could be another movie in here for ya. If you're still alive, that is. Are you?)

The Stillmans plan to both preserve the existing buildings and develop a baseball and softball complex where players ages 18 and under can go to train and compete called "All-Star Ballpark Heaven."

Sounds like the ghostly athletes from the movie would be more than welcome!

And they'd no doubt be perfectly happy with the Stillmans' updates to their Field of Dreams. I mean, how often does it happen that the new owners of a treasured landmark actually care about maintaining its integrity? 

And how often does it happen that the owners of a treasured landmark have the means to turn down numerous offers from less honorable buyers, as the Lansings did?

Maybe it should be: If you put it on the market and wait very patiently, they will come.

Do you like the new owners' plans for the Field of Dreams property?

By GoSox2012
Friday, 4 Nov 2011

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