FIFA coins Barcelona Issued out Shocking News

Although Messi's contract with Barcelona last to June 2018, this does not mean that his position in Barcelona is indestructible. Spain secret network famous journalist Jose Felix revealed that some of Barcelona seniors insisted that fifa 14 coins the club must immediately sell Messi.

Some seniors believe that Messi does not feel happy at Barcelona, and he is also in insufficient power. It looks like it has been impossible to return to top. No matter in what ways, www. fifacoinsworld. co. uk now is the best time to sell Messi, Barca should seize the opportunity to sell the Argentine record prices, so Barcelona can pay off most of the debt. Almost every day, Barcelona President Tomei uri will face such a request. But he now strongly suppressed this voice.

In fact, Messi did not swear to stay in Barcelona in his all life, shortly after he had just been renewed on the social networking site said: "My future is decided by the Barcelona fans, I chose to stay because I still can feel the love of the fans, but if I do not feel this love, then I'll find a new solution, "at the end of last season, leaving Barcelona, before joining the national team, Messi once again stressed: " if fans questioned me, I hope I leave, then I will accept without any problem. "

Executives who support the sale of Messi believe that Barcelona significantly decline in the past two seasons. In addition, according to Felix disclosure, Messi doesn’t have much enthusiasm is in the club current plan. In the meanwhile, the other clubs are still interested in Messi.

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Thursday, 24 Jul 2014

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