Five names that could replace Bobby Valentine in Boston

Five names that could replace Bobby Valentine in Boston

Five names that could replace Bobby Valentine in Boston

There are a lot of names that are floating out there in regards to who will serve as the replacement for ex-Boston Red Sox skipper Bobby Valentine.

When we look at the field, there are five names that really make a lot of sense to us. Let’s check them out.

#1 John Farrell

In a perfect world this is the move that will be made. Farrell already has a love affair with Boston and its culture.

The feeling seems to be mutual for all intents and purposes.

Farrell has so many ties to the Red Sox that he could probably walk in the door and it would feel like he was already at home.

The only roadblock is Farrell’s current home the Toronto Blue Jays has no real desire to let him go so this one could get sticky.

#2 Dave Martinez

Martinez is an assertive coach that works well with players. This attribute has to be at the top of the traits desired  list for the Red Sox who are coming out of a valley that was filled with needless conflict and instability.

He’s come close to landing the lead role before and this may be his time.

#3 Joey Cara Run Joey Run! Cara was the bench coach for the debacle that just went down in Miami. There is a lot to be said for learning what not to do. Working under Ozzie Guillen provided a healthy dose of that and some positive input as well.  Cara would be the Players View choice as he is seasoned enough to be as ready as anyone is to step up and take charge.

#4 Jose Oquendo

Oquendo is a leaf off the Tony La Russa coaching tree.  He’s one of those guys that has been interviewed half-to-death but has never gotten the nod.

The only downside to Oquendo landing in Boston is that he can be a hothead from time to time as his ejection history shows.

He could bring a fresh outlook to the Red Sox at a time when they really, really need one.

#5 Tim Bogar

If Boston promotes in house this will most likely be their pick. He was rumored to have issues with Valentine and that could work for or against him.

At this point the Red Sox will probably start fresh but if not, Bogar is as good a name as they have to pick from the hat.


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By Adrian Glover
Friday, 5 Oct 2012

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