Golf Instruction - The Science Behind the Single Plane Swing

Why does a Single Plane Swing work? Quite simply, it is the easiest way to
accommodate the tangential momentum of the clubhead.

What does that mean?

Most refer to it as "centrifugal force" or what is sensed as an outward pull of
the clubhead when swinging at high speed. This force literally San
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pulls both arms to extension on
plane with the clubshaft at a point beyond impact in all golf swings.You can see
this same reaction in baseball swings and the hammer throw, too. It is a natural
human response to swinging a weight attached to the end of a stick; the arms
will align on plane with the stick during the swing.

Engineers have also
proven the Single Plane Swing is the most efficient to use by building equipment
testing machines by aligning the clubshaft on plane with the swing arm. In the
Single Plane Swing, the golfer aligns their arms with the clubshaft at setup so
the ball is positioned where it will easily be struck as this same arm/clubshaft
alignment is attained during the swing. It's simple . San Francisco Nike 49ers
. . start where you are going and swing through during
impact. This way, motion is minimized, consistency is optimized and it is
virtually stress free to the body.

The conventional setup positions the
clubhead, and therefore the golf ball, closer to the golfer than the distance
achieved during swing extension by recommending that the arms hang such that the
hands hold the club below the shoulders. This instantly creates an angle between
the clubshaft and trail forearm that will not be there during the swing. The
trail forearm will align with the clubshaft through impact and the golfer
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will have to accommodate this
alignment by repositioning the body during the swing.

If a golfer
addresses the golf ball closer than the distance achieved at full on plane
extension, they will have to move their body out of the way to both hit the ball
and make room for arm/clubshaft alignment. This is usually seen as an "up and
back" motion with the torso. While world class athletes can accomplish this
complicated movement through constant practice, the average golfer generally
"comes over the top" of most of their golf shots producing pulls or slices...or
they miss time the motion completely and hit fat or topped shots. All the
"in-swing" body motion required may also causes more stress on backs, hips and
shoulders, making playing golf regularly for some an impossibility.

you have a choice to make – create an angle between your arms and clubshaft at
address and spend your golf round jumping out the way of their inevitable
alignment during the swing while you try to consistently hit the ball to your
target . . .

Or – setup with your arms on plane with the clubshaft,
keep your feet on the ground through impact and enjoy playing Natural Golf . . .
the choice is San
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By Kimberly
Monday, 22 Oct 2012


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