• Anonymous said: Anything is a let down compared to game 6 in 75, but the Sox were up 3-0, then the Reds tied it in 7th and Morgan drove in go ahead run in top of 9th for 4-3 win. In most of the World Series that would of been the drama. 1:51PM 11/16/11
  • friarjim said: Wasn't game 6 of the 1975 series the exciting one? Game 7 seemed a let down after Fisk's homer. 8:27AM 11/16/11
  • The Baseball Page said: Washington lost to Pittsburgh in 1925 in game 7. 10:37PM 11/15/11
  • jpwana said: Also.... The giants and senators played that game 7 in1924 not1925 6:06PM 11/15/11
  • Anonymous said: Yankee fan here but got to say the 1960 game is the best, in my opinion... 6:59PM 10/28/11
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