Griffith Stadium

First and Figures

Status: Demolished 1965

Address: Along 5th and Seveth Streets, on Howard University Campus

Capacity: 32,000 (1921) 27,550 (1961)

Architect: Osborn Engineering


Former Naming:  National Park


The Field

Playing Surface: Grass

Defining Feature: Bohemain Beer Bottle Towered over Right Center scoreboard; Centerfield wall came in because of houses behind it.

Dimensions (ft) Initial distance in parenthesis

Left Field:  407

Left Center:  391

Center Field:   421

Right Center:  378

Right Field:  328


Opening Day and Firsts

Opening Date:  April 12, 1911

Opponent:  Boston Red Sox

Results:  Senators 8 Red Sox 5

Attendance:  16,000

First Hit: Tommy Madden

Winning Pitcher: Dolly Gray

Losing Pitcher: Joe Wood


Umpires: Tommy Connolly, John Mullin

Managers Jimmy McAleer, Senators; Patsy Donovan, Red Sox

Starting Pitchers; Dolly Gray, Senators; Joe Wood, Red Sox

Ceremonial Pitch President William Howard Taft



Hosted Events

World Series: 1924, 1925, 1933

All Star Games:  1937, 1957


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