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Sewing has an ancient history estimated to begin during the Paleolithic Age 4 Sewing was used to stitch together animal hides for clothing and for shelter. The Inuit , for example, used sinew from caribou for thread and needles made of bone; 5 the indigenous peoples of the American Plains and Canadian Prairies used sophisticated sewing methods to assemble tipi shelters. 6 Sewing was combined with the weaving of plant leaves in Africa to create baskets, such as those made by Zulu weavers, who used thin strips of palm leaf as "thread" to stitch wider strips of palm leaf that had been woven into a coil. 8.

The Industrial Revolution shifted the production of textiles from the household to the mills. In the early decades of the Industrial Revolution, the machinery produced whole cloth. The world's first sewing machine was patented in 1790 by Thomas Saint. 12 By the early 1840s, other early sewing machines began to appear. Barthélemy Thimonnier introduced a simple sewing machine in 1841 to produce military uniforms for France's army; shortly afterward, a mob of tailors broke into Thimonnier's shop and threw the machines outof the windows, believing the machines would put them out of work.

Before sewing together an article of clothing, a pattern is generally followed to construct the garment. A pattern can be quite simple; some patterns are nothing more than a mathematical formula that the sewer calculates based on the intended wearer's measurements. Once calculated, the sewer has the measurements needed to cut the cloth and sew the garment together. At the other end of the spectrum are haute couture fashion designs. When a couture garment is made of unusual material, or has extreme proportions, the design may challenge the sewer's engineering knowledge. 21.

Other sewing supplies that often slip under the radar are furniture and machine bags or luggage. While neither furniture nor luggage are used to finish a project, both are commonly found in the homes of sewers. Whether they own sewing, embroidery or quilting machines, hobbyists and entrepreneurs alike need a place cheap sewing machine to store machines. A stylish sewing cabinet is a great way to store a machine while keeping a room looking beautiful.Additionally, machine bags and luggage pieces are handy for traveling sewers. Whether traveling long distances or simply going to a nearby class, it is easier to travel with an appropriate bag.

The battlefield survival rates have soared in the past decade because of critical advancements in military emergency care. Ninety percent of the 51,000 U.S. troops wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan have survived, largely due to breakthrough in causality care. But what they have not addressed is the clothing used to aide their recovery process. Sew Much Comfort has stepped in to fill the void by providing FREE adaptive clothing to replace the ill fitting and drafty hospital gown. Our adaptive clothing allows them to wear normal appearing clothing and provides them warmth, comfort and dignity as they recover from their injuries.

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