Honestly, losing Jose Reyes isn’t big news

The level of shock across the Mets blogosphere is startling. We all saw this coming. Ray freaking Charles saw this coming, and he’s dead (not to mention a Braves fan) …

Jose Reyes was never going to re-sign with the Mets. In fact, I’d go as far as to say he would have declined a matching offer from the only team he’s ever known.

Why? Because Jose Reyes is a self-proclaimed rock star, and the Mets treated him like an opening act. He wanted a reggaeton-laden parade in his honor, but they didn’t even buy streamers.

And I say, “GOOD.”

Sandy Alderson never once broke his poker face, never once veered from his intended budget, and — best of all — never once coddled or kissed the ass of their star free agent.

Miami is a town that’s no stranger to big-name signings, and did everything in its power to court Reyes, playing every available trump card it had. The weather … which would lead to less hamstring cramps. The location … which would allow him to visit family more readily. The culture … which would support his burgeoning rap/reggae aspirations. The nightlife … which would allow Jose Reyes to fully embrace his need for attention.

The Mets aren’t going to win in 2012. Feel free to add 2013-2016 while you’re at it. This franchise is no longer about spending to compete in a major market. It’s now about saving, scrimping, and shoring up talent for a mid-decade run at a division title. In today’s New York Post, Joel Sherman declares that the Mets gave up credibility by letting Reyes go. I say the Mets established themselves as a no-BS franchise, that wasn’t going to spend ludicrous money on a hobbled shortstop with a massive ego. They weren’t going to spend for spending’s sake.

And they weren’t going to be financially bullied by a guy who clearly has bigger things on his mind than winning with the organization that made him what he is.

I will miss Jose Reyes. I will miss his hustle. I will miss his spirit. I will miss his pure athleticism. And saddest of all, I will lament that the Mets “core” of stars is now all but gone.

I won’t miss his injuries. I won’t miss his lapses in basic baseball judgment. I won’t miss his occasional flippancy. And I certainly won’t miss the Reyes that ended the season, and ultimately his Mets career, by taking himself out of a game to preserve a batting title.

That ego won’t fly at all. And even though the Fish are suddenly relevant, I’m not sure it’s gonna swim, either. Just ask Ozzie Guillen who’s allowed to have the biggest head in the clubhouse, and see what he has to say.

Jose, best of luck and thanks for the memories. Just remember that you don’t have clickable ruby slippers, buddy. Once the Marlins’ newfound novelty has passed, the home games are barely populated, and the team is forced to conduct another fire sale, you can’t just come home again.

By Brad Bortone
Monday, 5 Dec 2011

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  • Truth and rumors said: They claim they're not in on Prince, but I doubt he regrets it. Apparently the Mets didn't make him a "real" offer". Even without Prince, between those two lineups, which would he rather be in? Plus, Gaby Sanchez is serviceable. They will still have a good lineup, look for Mike Stanton to have a monster year. 9:00AM 12/09/11
  • Boston Red Sox said: Not if they're still in the running for Prince! 1:40PM 12/08/11
  • Brad Bortone said: I wonder if losing out on Pujols makes the Fish seem less attractive to Jose. 1:32PM 12/08/11
  • Tom Hannon said: You nailed it! He is a big risk for Marlins, for a 28 year old he has missed allot of time the last 3 seasons. 2:40PM 12/05/11
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