Howard Sidelined Indefinitely

Howard Sidelined Indefinitely

Howard Sidelined Indefinitely

"Ryan Howard was set to return to Clearwater on Wednesday, but it will be at least a few days — and potentially much more — before he gets back on the field.

Howard met with Dr. Mark Myerson, the surgeon who repaired his torn Achilles in October, on Monday in Baltimore and was treated for an infection in the ankle near where the initial incision was made.

Myerson removed the sutures used in the original surgery — they were supposed to have dissolved on their own — and stitched the open wound on Howard's ankle while putting the first baseman on an antibiotic aimed at eliminating the infection."




By Truth and rumors
Thursday, 1 Mar 2012

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  • VeronicaNyche said: And why is he sidelined? That is a very good talent getting sidelined and that is just unfortunate. - Marla Ahlgrimm 10:52PM 04/13/14
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