The illogic of Christmas

The purpose of logic is to make sense out of things that we find difficult to
understand. We use logic to discern the difference between right and wrong, fact
and fiction. Logic Cheap

Broncos jerseys is the source of our ability to reason and
comprehend our human existence and reality. The message of Christmas is
inherently a spiritual reality. The message of Christmas is one of belief. The
belief of Christmas is either, in the message of Christ or we teach our children
to believe in Santa Claus.

Logic is the basis of what we believe.
Logic is the Cheap
source of how we comprehend the world and our existence.
The issue of Christmas often runs counter to what we know to be true or logical.
Christmas often defies our sense of logic and reason. With Santa Claus, we say
one man delivers toys to every house in the world in one night. Santa is
everywhere on street corners, coffee shops, and in malls for pictures. He has a
sleigh with magical reindeer that can fly. Obviously, the stories of Santa Claus
are make believe but there Cheap
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is an equal illogic that seems to surround the
birth of Jesus.

The birth of Jesus, which I personally believe to be
true, is surrounded in a mystery and wonder that is captured in the spirit of
Christmas. The birth of Jesus is one historical event that creates wonder and
awe. There are more days than I care to count I have trouble comprehending that
God would send Jesus in human flesh and blood. This fact is far beyond my logic
and my personal ability to understand completely. Maybe that is part of the
wonder of Christmas, we are not to fully understand or comprehend. Christmas
after all is a matter of belief or for Christians a matter of faith.

Our English word logic comes from the Greek word logos, which the
New Testament translates the Word. The Greeks understood that logos or logic was
the supreme power in the universe. The logos was not only supreme but was the
force that created the universe. Everything that was in existence was a result
of the Cheap
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universal logos. The logos created all things and
held all things in the universe together. The Greeks believed that the logos is
the reason that the cosmos did not spin out of control. The gospel of John does
not include a narrative on the birth of Jesus but instead specifically uses the
Greek term logos to describe Jesus. Part of the illogic of Christmas is the fact
that God sent His Son into this world for you and for me. 

By Kimberly
Friday, 26 Oct 2012


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