Inspirations of the trade show pipe and drape

Back in the early 1980’s I went to the ICA in London one night to see a production of pipe drape, the piece was set in a trade show display ideas.

pipe drapeBut

what really was unforgettable was one scene: Grommet curtains very
high. A man there was singing Hava Nigila, dancing grotesquely and
hitting himself on the head repeatedly. It was hilarious at the same

People seemed intrigued and excited. We explored trade show pipe and drape. pipe and drapeI
would ask the performer: could you make us afraid, could you make us
afraid that you might hurt yourself, kill yourself, eat yourself? I also
explored a kind of cynical clown who has the attitude of contempt,
where the performer says or thinks: ‘I knew you’d like that. I knew
you’d laugh at that. Is that all it takes?’

And I also explored the idea of existential horror - the horror of
being alive. Body Horror - the horror of having body parts. In the
workshops I became more and more compelled by the idea of the diy pipe
and drape having to make the audience laugh…

By foxug
Monday, 25 Feb 2013

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