It's Beerly Possible!

It's Beerly Possible!

It's Beerly Possible!

     The 2011-2012 offseason is going to be an interesting one for the Boston Red Sox. Already parting ways with their two-time World Series winning manager, Terry Francona, and recently allowing Theo Epstein to join the Chicago Cubs organization, it already has been a rollercoaster offseason and we are not even in November. The managerial position is still a mystery but the General Manager job is seemingly Ben Cherington's job. Cherington has an extrememly tough job ahead of him. With all the rumors of the clubhouse issues, you got to think that there are going to be major changes to the 2012 Red Sox roster.

     Playing GM, my first move would be to move Josh Beckett. Beckett has been in the middle of all the rumors of the starting pitchers, especially John Lackey and Jon Lester, drinking beer in the clubhouse on off days, along with eating fried chicken and playing video games. Now, since these three pitchers played intrical parts in the demise of the Sox in September, going a combined 1-4 with a combined 7.34 ERA, their clubhouse antics are magnified. Now Josh Beckett is my first move because, although he had a below average September, his season numbers, 13-7, 2.89 ERA, and 193 Innings pitched, are very respectable numbers. So he, unlike Lackey, has trade value. Now the Sox needs are they need an overhaul with their pitching staff, along with their relief pitchers, and they need solid middle of the lineup guy, preferably a rightfielder or shortstop. Some ideas would be, Asdrubal Cabrera of Cleveland, Michael Young of Texas, and even though he hasn't really worked out in Chicago, maybe Alex Rios. I know I am kind of all over the place here and good arms are hard to come by, but it's time for both Beckett and the Sox for a change and each one of these players would look good in a Red Sox uniform.


     Next move, Youkilis. The Kendrick Perkins of baseball. The umpire is always wrong and whines whenever he makes an out, maybe more comparable to Lackey every time he lets up a hit. Another guy with trade value. The guy can produce, but seems like he can't stay off the DL, and at age 32, get what you can for him while you still can. I am thinking a trade with Anaheim, Ervin Santana. Or maybe Chicago again, with John Danks. I just want to see the Sox get value for this guy, before it's too late.


     Hopefully upper management gets good compensation for Theo leaving. Here's an idea, take Lackey with you! The only reason why Lackey is not on the list of moves for me is that no one is going to take this mental case. One, he's terrible, and two, his contract is awful. I would even take Zambrano for Lackey because Zambrano atleast has upside with the fact that a change of scenery could be good for him, both of them for that matter. And, if Zambrano doesn't work out, just cut ties, and that's still better then Lackey going out there every 5th day.


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By JasonM
Thursday, 13 Oct 2011

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