Jarry Park


Today named Stade Uniprix, Jarry Park (Le Parc Jarry) was a Montreal baseball stadium and home to the Montreal Expos; Major League Baseball's first Canadian franchise from 1969-1976.


It served as a temporary home until a domed stadium could be built. The decision was made to convert the 3,000 seat baseball stadium in the North End (Villeray) into a nearly 30,000 seat venue. National League president Warren Giles was promised a covered stadium by city officials for 1972. The franchise left Montreal after the 2004 season without ever playing their home games in such a stadium.


The stadium consisted of a single unroofed grandstand stretching from the left-field foul pole to the right-field foul pole and a large bleacher stand in left field. Beyond right field was a swimming pool in the city park, which long home runs occasionally were hit into. The element was later replicated in Bank One Ballpark.


The stadium was rather sparse, given that it was intended to be only a temporary home - though it took far longer to build the Olympic Stadium than was initially anticipated, so much so that there was talk of moving the franchise - and the stadium was very open to the elements, which was a particular problem at the beginning and end of the season.


The stadium was used for various civic events in the years after the Expos moved out. It was gradually converted into a tennis stadium, with one corner of the court located at the old backstop. The stadium was renamed du Maurier Stadium in 1987. It has since been renamed Uniprix Stadium (Stade Uniprix).


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