K53 Learners : Everything You Have to Know Before You Take the Test

In order for you to ride a motorbike or drive a car on South African roads, applying for your K53 learners is the start. You will be authorized to drive as soon as you have passed your learners, but always under the supervision of a licensed driver. For an even more detailed assessment on K53 Learners Test visit SA Learners License as well as passing your learners license .

In the K53 test you will be asked questions on the basic rules of the road, road markings and controls of the vehicle.
K53 Learners

Studying for My K53 Test

If you are ready you will find the K53 learners test easy, you need to know what questions are going to be asked and exactly how the paper is set out. The K53 guide is divided into 3 sections, make sure you have learned everything well so that you pass easily. According to reports, about 50% of all those who take the K53 learners test the first time do not pass. However, that does not mean you have to fail. The aim of taking your K53 learners test is that you will pass and get your learners.

Try Out These Practice Tests for the K53

We at SA Learners License have put together several papers that allows you to practice for the real test. Simply buying the book and trying to study for the test is not going to help much, because you really do not know what to expect during your test.

With our system, you have access to:

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Monday, 11 Mar 2013

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